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Why Skincare Is A Form Of Self-Care

In today’s day and age of hustle, self-care is a must. Self-care looks different for everyone, but ultimately, it is the practice of taking deliberate actions that help preserve your mental health, physical health and emotional wellbeing. There are no hard and fast rules about how you do it, after all, it is a deeply personal matter – just find things that bring you joy, ground you and make you feel good. Now this may be just as easy as re-reading your favourite book, or an elaborate ritual of drawing a bubble bath or even taking a nap on a lazy weekend.
We very much believe the saying – you can’t pour from an empty cup. Similarly, if your own needs aren’t met, you aren’t going to be your best possible self at work, in your personal life or even in your relationships. Essentially, self-care is taking care of your relationship with yourself.

Where does skincare come in?

Skincare, more often than not, is a daily routine. Routines are soothing. Routines are grounding. Plus, the act of looking after your skin is comforting in itself. When you do your skincare routine, it's usually just you alone in your bathroom or room – just you and the mirror. There is something meditative about taking those 10 minutes out for yourself. With a self-care skin routine, you can take a pause from whatever the day has thrown at you and just take those few minutes to focus on yourself.

A skincare routine doesn’t require fancy products and equipment – or a lot of work either. You can turn the simple act of washing your face into a mindful practice, or applying a simple mud mask and staying present for those 10 minutes. Plus, you get good skin out of it!

So, how do I turn my skincare routine into self-care?

While self-care for skin is deeply personal, if you are a skincare enthusiast, you might find this works for you. Here are a few ideas on how you can incorporate a bit of mindfulness and meditativeness to your routine.

Indulge in sound therapy

In simple words, put on soft, relaxing music and make it a ritual. Slow music has been proven to slow down the heart rate and stimulate positive thoughts. Plus, it can lift your mood too!

Add in some aromatherapy

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Certain smells can help relieve stress, boost mood and set the mood for your skincare to follow. Pick up a diffuser from any online store and fill it with your favourite essential oils. We find lavender, rose, chamomile and jasmine to work the best, but go crazy and pick your favourite! If this isn’t possible, try a calming face mist which will hydrate your skin and calm your mind too.

Listen to your skin

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How has your face been acting lately? Has it been breaking out? Has it been dry and stretchy or oily? Accordingly, curate your skincare routine. If acne is your main concern, try a soothing essence which will calm irritated skin, incorporate a serum that’s made for zits, or use a pimple patch to prevent further damage – and yes, they do help!

Massage your face wash in

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We all know how relaxing massages are – especially those full body ones! But realistically, no one can get one of those every day! So, when you wash your face, use a cleansing balm or pick a cleanser according to your skin type, and massage your face gently. Close your eyes and breathe in the scent (if your skin can tolerate fragrance). Take your time when you rinse it off with warm water.

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Settle with a face mask

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Meticulously apply a soothing mud mask or a sheet mask and close your eyes and let yourself relax for 15 minutes. You don’t need to do this every day, just 2-3 times a week. Make sure you pick a mask that suits your skin type. While the mask does its magic, indulge in some deep breaths and ground yourself.

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Incorporate tools (if you can!)

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While applying your essence or serum, take the chance to use a gua sha or a jade roller to massage it into your skin. If not, you can just use your fingertips to promote lymphatic drainage and promote blood circulation. While you’re doing so, notice where you’re holding tension in your face. Is it the forehead? Clenched jaw? Tense neck? Take a few moments to relax your muscles and continue your routine. Follow up with a refreshing moisturizer to finish.

And once you’re done, look at yourself in the mirror and take a pause. Look at yourself without the filter of bias and as a whole, without focusing on your perceived ‘flaws’. Instead, focus on the parts you like about yourself, or better yet, accept these ‘flaws’ as a part of who you are and what makes you, you.

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