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Here's What To Do When You Get A Pimple Before A Big Date!

So, your biggest skin enemy says hello to you a night before your big dateYou are officially in crisis. The charming arrival of that forehead bump somehow always coincides with a major event, doesn't it? Zits, aka pimples, have a cruel way to pop just before your special meet, last qualifying job interview, weddings and more. However, it's very common for people dealing with acne-prone skin to be in a constant battle to treat the existing acne and prevent them from coming back. But what about that last-minute zit? To stop you from frantically picking at it, we have compiled a cheat sheet to banish the bumps instantly—whether it's an hour, a day or a week. But before you do that, understand your pimples.

TBH, there is a surplus of reasons contributing to acne and breakouts—from minor hormonal balance to PCOS, allergies, pollution and humidity. Factors like stress and lack of sleep can also be blamed. Basically, acne is a skin condition that occurs when your pores are blocked with dirt and oil. Dead skin cells and other types of grime, including bacteria that may inflame your skin. When the cause of acne is not a long-standing concern, it's easier to tackle them instantly. 
Bookmark these remedies that'll get rid of your zits in no time. 

1) Ice the zit

Yes, while it may sound too easy—the cold temperature can actually reduce swelling and redness. It constricts the blood vessels and soothes an inflamed, painful zit. Make sure not to apply the ice directly on your skin as it can be harsh and tear your skin tissues. Wrap it in a cotton napkin instead and lay on the spots for a few seconds at a time. Doing this will tighten the pores and increase the blood circulation of the affected area. 

2) Keep the skin clear

Mama cica pore clearing exfoliating face wash

This is the first and the foremost important step to keeping the bacteria build-up at bay. Ensure you have a good cleansing routine that wipes all the trapped dirt and pollutants from your pores. The Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash is packed with mineral-rich volcanic ash that sucks out all the oily glands while maintaining much-needed hydration in your skin. Gently massage this pore clarifying cleanser on your skin to brighten any dullness caused by prolonged acne and breakouts.

3) Treat it with a clay mask

Bravocado Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

If you want to detoxify your skin, a clay mask should be your go-to skincare product. The hydrating and oil-absorbing benefits of clay draw out all the contaminations from your skin and reveal shine-free clean skin. The Bravocado Deep Cleansing Clay Mask soothes skin irritation, minimizes pores and gives a gorgeous glow to your dull skin. It also works magically on blackheads and whiteheads amidst healing breakouts. 

4) Use salicylic acid

Chialeader zit fix serumSalicylic acid is a genius for treating acne and mild pimples. It dives deep into the skin to rule out all the dirt and pollutants and unblock pores while removing layers of dead skin cells on the surface. The Chialeader Zit Fix Serum is a non-greasy facial serum that combats pimples and blemishes while unclogging the pores. Its antiseptic properties control oil production, and the salicylic acid minimizes pores to give you spotlessly clean and smooth skin. 

5) Stick an acne-patch over it

Mama cica zit fix treatment patchesIt can be a task to stop yourself from touching an active acne bump but, mind you, the infectious elements in your hand can easily pass through your skin, making the acne worse. Here comes the role of pimple patches as they discourage you from picking or bursting the pimple. The Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches come in small hydrocolloid adhesive patches that conceal your acne and calm the irritation. The mild actives like glycolic acid and salicylic acid removes impurities from the skin, kills bacteria and reduces redness. 

6) Avoid popping or squeezing pimples

How trivial and minor your zit might be; never pop it as it can worsen your acne. Hindering the natural course of pimple healing will not just give you a scar but also promote bacteria spreading to other places of your face. Let it run its course and follow your skincare correctly. 

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