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How To Treat Acne The Korean Beauty Way

The Korean approach towards skincare is all about treating your skin gently to achieve long-lasting results. The approach to treat acne is also similar. Instead of using harsh, skin-stripping products, Korean skincare focusses on treating the core cause of acne and breakouts by unclogging dirty pores, healing breakouts and treating the whole skin issue holistically. Korean beauty supports deep cleansing of skin and supporting a good skin barrier by avoiding harsh, toxin ingredients in skincare. K-beauty approach to treating acne is a must-try! Before we delve into an acne-prone Korean skin regime, let’s learn about picking the right ingredients to treat acne. 

Ingredients your acne-prone skin needs

Acne-prone skin indeed keeps you on your toes because you are always scared of unexpected breakouts. Using skin care products is a cardinal skin as you can even wake up with a big, red, angry zit on your face. But simply checking your skin care product labels keep this pressing issue under control. Yes, really! Below are skincare ingredients that are proven to be god-sent when it comes to keeping acne-prone skin from acting up in the future. 

1) Activated Charcoal

Activated Charcoal

Did you know one of the common reasons for breakouts is clogged pores? The pores get clogged because of exposure to pollution, dirt, oil, sweat, makeup, SPF and other impurities that lead to breakouts. Investing in a cleanser or face mask with activated charcoal helps to draw out impurities from the pores and unclogs them, hence preventing breakouts. Also, it helps to regulate excess sebum production and keeps your face matte all day long.

Quench Recommends: Matcha Better Bubble Sheet Mask For Skin Detox

Do you feel like your skin needs a detox? Give your skin a breather firstly with an activated charcoal infused mask like this sheet mask that draws out impurities and absorbs all the excess oil. This skin purifying sheet mask bubbles up when exposed to air and comes packed with matcha green tea, bakuchiol and vitamin E goodness to soothe and refresh your skin. Your skin’s squeaky clean, just like that!

2) Salicylic Acid 

Salicylic Acid

Known as Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), Salicylic Acid is an excellent skin care ingredient to help dry out your existing acne as well as prevent future breakouts by eliminating dead skin cells, unclogging your pores and keeping your skin clean. It helps to prevent breakouts as much as possible. Use a salicylic-based cleanser or a spot treatment, as they both work well for acne-prone skin.

Quench Recommends: Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches

It has zit zapping ingredients like glycolic acid and salicylic acid that gently exfoliate, unclog pores and soothe any redness while showing results overnight. Enriched with skin healing ingredients like witch hazel, tea tree oil, it calms your skin under the breakout at the same time. These babies are paper thin, so you won’t have to feel self-conscious wearing them anywhere.

Quench Recommends: Chialeader Zit Fix Serum

A guaranteed remedy for unclog pores, this is a nourishing serum formulated for daily use. This soothing chia-based formula is gentle on your skin and can give results in just a couple of days. It’s oil-free, lightweight, and contains salicylic acid that helps to exfoliate dead skin cells, minimizes pore size, reduces oiliness, so that you never have to worry about your face looking greasy!

3) Niacinamide 


Vitamin B3 aka niacinamide works like magic to brighten your skin tone, reduce acne scars and improve skin texture. Investing in niacinamide-induced skincare products helps to reduce the melanin production in post-inflammatory acne, thus reducing scarring. Also, it increases anti-inflammatory that reduces and prevents the occurrence of future breakouts. 

Quench Recommends: Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum

Are you worried about the pores and fine lines you spotted on your face? Then you must grab this brightening serum immediately! This intensely nourishing formula comes with a whole list of magical benefits: tackles dark spots, blemishes and balances moisture levels, is dermatologically tested, safe, and a total must-have in your skincare vanity. With 2% niacinamide, this serum evens out skin tone, reduces dark spots and minimises the appearance of pores. Isn’t this you have been looking for? 

The Ultimate Korean Skincare Regime For Acne-Prone Skin

When it comes to K-beauty, consistency is the key and once you know what products will work for your acne-prone skin, always stick by them. So to make sure you are investing in the right ingredients and products, we shall take you through a quick and easy acne-prone skincare routine. 

  • Step 1: Deep Cleanse Skin

Cleansing is essential and should always be done first. Be it morning or night, start with a cleanser to get rid of those impurities and with this, you’ll have a blank canvas for the next step of your skincare regime. Firstly, dissolve the daily pollutants and your long-wear makeup first with a deep cleansing Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm and follow it up with a foam cleanser Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser as it will help to get rid of all residue and makeup.  

Quench Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm

  • Step 2: Purify Your Skin With an Essence

After cleansing, it's time to prep your skin with the essence! Essences have been an essential part of the K-beauty regime as they flood your skin with hydration, refine pores and make the skin receptible to other skincare products that follow. Trust us, these 2-3 drops make the biggest difference in your skin. Mama Cica Intense Oil Control Essence is so hydrating as it has cica, sea buckthorn and peony root extracts to enhance your skin texture and give you spotless, clear skin.

Quench Mama Cica Intense Oil Control Essence

  • Step 3: Use a Acne-Control Serum

Gently massage your face with a serum that will hydrate and nourish your skin instantly. In the world of serums, the Chialeader Zit Fix Serum our hero product truly stands out for its unique blend of ingredients and actives. The gentle formula keeps your skin barrier healthy, unclogs the pores and prevents skin damage. Just 2-3 drops of this serum helps to target your specific skin issues such as dark spots, pigmentation, wrinkles and fine lines.

Quench Chialeader Zit Fix Serum

  • Step 4: Treat Breakouts and Spots with an Ampoule 
An ampoule is a supercharged, multi-purpose serum like formula but with higher concentration of active ingredients. It takes care of different skin concerns like acne, wrinkles and fine lines. Powered with hyaluronic acid, Quench Mama Cica Dark Spot Correcting Ampoule detoxifies pores, reduces the appearance of dark spots, soothes breakouts and adds a healthy glow to your skin. 


Quench Mama Cica Dark Spot Correcting Ampoule

  • Step 5: Don't Skip on Moisturizer 

Skipping moisturizer causes your acne-prone skin to overcompensate with more oil. Acne-prone skin also tends to get drier due to usage of potent acne-treatment products and that is why needs moisturization. A gel-based, non-oily moisturizer is an ideal solution just like the super refreshing Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer which leaves your skin supple as it comes packed with the goodness of nourishing ingredients such as chia seed and bamboo water. 

Quench Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer

  • Step 6: Apply a Clay-Based Sheet Mask 

Once a week or twice, invest in a sheet mask to treat your skin. Yes, after cleansing your skin, a sheet mask soaked with nourishing ingredients provides additional benefits such as instant hydration and keeps your pores clean. The unique mud-based Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask comes packed with potent active ingredients like citric acid, cica, bamboo and purifying goodness of kaolin clay to control excess oil, tighten your pores and get instantly refreshed skin.

Quench Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask

  • Try Acne Patches

If you get those pesky breakouts just before an important event or a date night, trust these translucent acne patches that can unclog your pores, soothe breakouts and conceal them like a boss. Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches have acne-fighting ingredients like salicylic acid and glycolic acid that draw out impurities and excess oil from pimples and speeds up the healing process. Are you up to trying on these stickers on your stubborn zits?

Quench Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches

Get set glow! K-Beauty has indeed given us a lot of things that skin loves. It’s time to say goodbye to those pesky zits and follow this anti-acne skincare regime that promises spotless clear and blemish-free skin!

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