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How to Fix Uneven Skin Texture

In the skincare industry, we hear a lot about treating uneven skin tone aka hyperpigmentation, but not so much about uneven skin texture. If you take a moment to reach out and touch your face, you may encounter some bumps, roughness, pits, scars and even some flakiness. This, of course, has a bunch of reasons for occurring that can range anywhere from dehydration to a compromised skin barrier. And even though ‘perfect’ skin is a myth (no, you can’t shrink your pores!), healthy skin is achievable.

What causes uneven skin texture?

While there are a million different reasons your skin could be uneven. If you have flaky skin, it could be due to extreme weather, dryness or dehydration or some product you may be using. For bumps, it could be that you’re under-exfoliating, or an allergic reaction to a topical product. Rough skin maybe caused by over exfoliation or by not moisturizing enough. Or, the culprit could be sun exposure. Many times, picked acne leads to scarring which causes an uneven skin texture. Sometimes, genetics play a big role in how our skin looks - large pores and splotchy skin can be caused by this. As we age, our skin cell turnover slows down, leading to dullness and uneven skin tone and texture. Here's where consistent skincare routines work!

How to smoothen out and improve uneven skin texture!

First, shortlist the reasons your skin could have bumps or dry patches and then go from there. You can also use some home remedies and DIY treatments to help you achieve baby smooth skin. Apart from that, here are a few other ways you can tackle this issue.

1. Use exfoliating acids to get maximum results

Quench mama cica instabright peel padsWhen you don’t exfoliate, dead skin cells build up and cause patchy, uneven skin which makes your complexion dull and lifeless. While physical scrubs can be too harsh, chemical exfoliants are gentle yet effective. Glycolic acid is the gold standard when it comes to exfoliation. It loosens the ‘glue’ between dead skin cells to reveal brighter, fresher skin underneath. Try the Mama Cica Instabright Peel Pads which contains glycolic acid and papaya extracts that gently slough off dead skin cells and unclogs pores. Use it twice or thrice a week to give your skin an instant makeover.

Mama Cica Oil Fix Exfoliating Gel MaskIf you have sensitive skin and glycolic acid proves too much for you, try the Mama Cica Oil Fix Exfoliating Gel Mask which gently exfoliates and leaves you with soft, hydrated skin.

2. Stay hydrated

Drink water for even skin texture

What you put in your body has a big impact on how your skin looks. Skin cells are mostly water and sufficient hydration can help reduce dryness and roughness by plumping up skin cells. Moreover, you can also supplement your internal water intake with a topical humectant like hyaluronic acid or glycerine. Drinking water also brightens your complexion – so, win win!

3. Vitamin C is your friend

Mon cherry range with Vitamin C

This ingredient is great for your skin. It accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, both of which are important for smooth, healthy skin. It also prevents premature skin ageing and reduces fine lines which adds to skin texture. Try the Mon Cherry Range which is power-packed with grapefruit, an excellent source of vitamin C. 

4. Vitamin A, too!

retinol for smooth skin

Retinol, or vitamin A helps skin cell turnover, shedding away old skin cells that cause rough skin. It reveals smooth skin underneath. It helps strengthen the skin barrier and also promotes skin cell regeneration.

5. Use sunscreen daily

Sunscreen for even skin texture

And we mean it. Sun damage is the leading cause of skin issues – be it fine lines, wrinkles, uneven tone or texture, the list goes on. Using sunscreen helps prevent further damage so your skin can heal and recuperate while getting adequate protection from the harsh UV rays. Make sure you use a broad spectrum, high SPF sunscreen and apply it generously 20 minutes before stepping out.

6. Use skin-friendly oils 

Oils to fix uneven skin textureOils like tea tree oil, bergamot, jojoba oil, rosemary oil and a few others absorb quickly and don't clog pores. It smoothens the skin and controls sebum production, meaning fewer breakouts and less clogged pores. Include products that contain these oils. Try the Mama Cica Oil Fix Exfoliating Gel Mask which contains soothing rosemary leaf oil. If you're trying to tackle acne, the Chialeader Zit Fix Serum containing tea tree oil will work wonders!

7. Try professional skincare treatments

Microdermabrasion for smoother skin

If you’ve tried everything and failed, then it may be time to contact your dermatologist. Depending on your issues and root cause, the dermat may recommend these treatments.

  • Microdermabrasion: A painless procedure that exfoliates the outer layer of your skin using micro crystals. It is highly effective but needs to be repeated for results.
  • Chemical peels: These pack a punch. Concentrated skincare acids are applied to the skin for a power dose of exfoliation. Your skin may peel, and you’ll be left with super smooth, super soft skin.
  • Laser treatment: Now, don’t get scared. This technique uses light waves at different wavelengths to retexture your skin. It reduces the appearance of wrinkles, scars and more. The results are long-lasting.

Try these tips to get baby soft, smooth and glowing skin. Remember to eat well, avoid oily, high sodium foods and stay hydrated! And apart from this, have a consistent skincare routine to see actual results.

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