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Want Smoother Skin? Here's A Comprehensive Guide

Healthy skin is smooth, soft and radiant. It may have dark spots and acne, but a healthy skin barrier is a sign of skin that is nourished, hydrated and well taken care of. From pollution to stress, there are a bunch of things that can leave your skin dehydrated, bumpy and looking dull and lifeless. But, what exactly causes rough skin?

A ton of things could be causing your skin to be rough and leathery. Factors like stress, diet, dehydration and climate. If your skin texture has recently started feeling rough and uneven, you can blame weather changes (global warming, hello). Our skin has an ideal balance of oils and water and when these go out of whack, you can tell by your skin. While some factors you can control, some you cannot. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how to get smooth skin.

1. Use the right face cleanser

Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm

First, know your skin type. If you have dry or dehydrated skin, you will need a mild cleanser that doesn’t strip your skin of moisture and leave it feeling stretchy and dry. Your best bet is a gentle, nourishing cleansing balm that leaves your skin soft and supple. Follow it up with a water based cleanser to complete your double cleanse routine. If you have oily or combination, then you can use a gentle foam cleanser or a gel cleanser. Make sure your skin feels clean and soft, not dry and stretchy afterwards. Use it twice a day, once in the morning and once in the night.

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2. Exfoliate for smooth skin

Mama Cica Instabright Peel PadsThe number one thing you can do to get smooth, soft skin is to exfoliate. Exfoliation means removing the top layer of dead skin cells and clears off dirt, bacteria and build up that prevents your skin from being soft and smooth. It also aids skin cell turnover and helps your serums and moisturizer penetrate better. For a gentle exfoliation, we recommend using the glycolic acid powered Mama Cica Instabright Peel Pads which leave your face instantly brighter and smoother in just a single swipe.

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3. Drink a lot of water

Quench mon cherry face mist mama cica face mist

Well, it’s no secret that hydrated skin is happy skin. Just topical hydration, however, isn’t enough. About 80% of our body is water, and the more water you drink, the more it plumps up your cells, allowing them to work efficiently. Drinking around 8-10 glasses of water a day will keep your skin looking nourished, hydrated and healthy. Also, give your skin a healthy dose of moisture with a trusted face mist, to give your skin a boost of hydration on days when it's too hot or when you want a quick pick-me-up!

4. Use the right moisturizer

Mon Cherry Ultra Light Moisturizing Gel

Not only does a moisturizer maintain your soft and smooth skin, it also corrects rough, dry skin and repairs the skin’s barrier. Find the best moisturizer for your skin type – for example, if your skin is dry, look for moisturizers that contain ceramides and hyaluronic acid. For oily and combination skin, you can opt for a gel moisturizer containing nourishing ingredients like niacinamide, a derivative of vitamin B. Look for formulas that are lightweight and non-comedogenic to prevent breakouts. Apply it twice a day without fail.

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5. Don’t miss out on SPF

One of the reasons that a baby’s skin is so smooth, is because they haven’t been exposed to the harsh rays of the suns. Wearing SPF daily is key to keeping your skin healthy and smooth – and this applies to cloudy and sun-less days as well! The UV rays of the sun cause the body to release oil and water, leaving your skin dry and dehydrated.

6. Apply vitamin C

Mon cherry intense brightening essence

While reversing years of aging and damage isn’t possible, you can repair your skin barrier and prevent further damage by boosting your sunscreen’s efficacy using vitamin C. It brightens the skin, smoothens your complexion and helps prevent damage from free radicals. Use a serum or an essence daily in the morning before applying moisturizer and then slather on your sunscreen.

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7. Say hello to retinol

If you want to improve how your skin looks and feels, incorporate retinol in your skincare routine. A powerful antioxidant, this vitamin A derivative stimulates collagen, improves skin texture and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles. As a result, you’re left with smoother, younger looking skin. If you want to go for a milder alternative to retinol, look for products with bakuchiol!

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That’s all! Follow these tips consistently and experience younger, well-nourished and smooth skin. Good luck!

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