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Why You Should Add Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water In Your Daily Skincare Regime

You know when you wear makeup and decide to wash your face without removing your makeup first? And you’re left with raccoon eyes and Harley Quinn lips. Sound familiar? Well, enter micellar water.

This genius little product is a combination of water, hydrating goodness of glycerin and tiny little molecules called micelles. These tiny little micelles in this product attract and capture dirt and oil. So, when you swipe off the micellar water using a cotton pad, it lifts with it the impurities off your skin. These properties prevent your skin from getting stripped, and leave you with clean, soft skin. Our Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water is a skin detoxifying micellar water that thoroughly and gently removes makeup, dirt, pollution and bacteria from the skin.


Quench Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water

This all-in-one face cleanser does it all. It not only deep cleanses in one swipe but also tones, refreshes and works for all skin types. Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water infused with natural Korean ingredients like cica, lotus and Korean ginseng extracts deep purifies tones and makes skin clean and fresh on-the-go. Simplified skin care at it's best! Read on to know the benefits of micellar water.

  1. Gently removes makeup
    This one is a no-brainer. Formulated for this very reason, micellar water makes removing makeup easy. Just soak a cotton pad with micellar water and gently swipe all over the face and neck. For stubborn, waterproof makeup, hold the pad to the area for a few seconds longer to effectively cleanse. The best part is that micellar water is lightweight, refreshing and doesn’t clog pores. Plus, it doesn’t smear your makeup around like most makeup removers, meaning it’s great for removing eye makeup!
  1. Tones the skin
    Since it's super lightweight and cleanses the skin effectively, this is a great product to use AFTER you cleanse your skin using a cleanser. The micelles make it an excellent cleansing agent, without stripping your skin of its moisture and natural oils. After you cleanse your face, dip a cotton ball in micellar water and gently swipe it all over your face. Follow with your usual skincare routine.
  1. Hydrates on the go
    Since this is a no-rinse product, it is great for when you’re travelling and your skin needs a quick pick-me-up. Toss a bottle into your gym bag for a quick clean up or when you’re going trekking or hiking. It effectively takes off dirt and sweat and gives your skin a quick boost by unclogging your pores, letting your skin breathe. This benefit of micellar water makes it skin-friendly.

So, how do I introduce it in my skincare routine?

Quench Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water

Now that you know all the wonderful benefits of this product, here’s how you can incorporate it into your daily routine.

  • As the first step of a double cleanse:
    If you’re using light makeup, this is a great choice to remove all makeup without making your skin dry and stretchy. Follow up with a gentle gel cleanser or a foam cleanser, whichever you usually use. Just make sure that your cleanser doesn’t leave your skin stripped.
  • As the second step of a double cleanse:
    After you’ve cleansed your face using a gel cleanser or a cleansing balm, follow up with a cotton ball soaked in micellar water and swipe all over your face to remove any residue that might be remaining.

How To Use Micellar Water

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Make sure you read the ingredient list before purchasing. If you have sensitive or acne-prone skin, steer clear of micellar water that's laden with fragrance and alcohol. Look for gentle, soothing formulas like the Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water which contains tea tree leaf to prevent breakouts, super calming calendula and hydrating cica and Korean ginseng which keep the skin smooth, soft and supple. This micellar water for oily skin is a great match for acne-prone,  sensitive and combination skin as well!

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