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K-beauty Philosophy: The Science Behind Healthy, Glowing Skin

K-beauty is the thing in skincare world. What began in 2011 with the revolutionary BB cream, has come a long way to tear down and re-build the routine that was considered skincare up till then. The most tangible shift was to focus on skin, make it better, and not simply hide behind makeup. Makeup was seen as the cherry on top - a final touch to the already healthy, glowing skin. 

The transition from using a concealer to getting a dark spot-reducing serum was something the world didn’t know it needed. And today, the ‘gram is filled with skincare routine porn, that can overwhelm even a staunch skincare junkie. But, K-beauty is not just about skincare, it is about self-care. It is not about getting a vanity-full of products, but to build a routine that works for one’s skin. 

In the quest to get to the depths of what Korean skincare really is, we’ve dusted some myths to surface the wisdom that goes behind it.

  • Let’s talk skin 

Gangnam - a neighborhood in Seoul, aka the Mecca of Korean skincare has over 500 skin clinics in its 15 square miles. Can you fathom how many clinics the entire city has? That’s how much importance skin holds in K-beauty. Instead of covering up flaws, Korean skincare puts emphasis on treating the underlying issue. So, the results might take time to show, but they’re long-lasting. If your skin is healthy to begin with, then there’s a lot less to cover up, right? Yes, the highlighter will make you pop, but if it’s paired with glowing skin – now that’s unbeatable. At Quench Botanics, it’s always skin-first. Made with natural Korean ingredients, our skin-loving products will ensure that your skin is anything but ordinary!

K-beauty philosophy the science behind healthy glowing skin

  • Layers are so important 

We know when we say layers and Korean skincare, you’d immediately think of the elaborate 10-step routine. If someone asked - why is K-beauty so popular, then this viral routine might be the answer. But, relax, let out a sigh of relief, and let us tell you that you need not have to slather so many products to get the skin of your dreams. Hydration takes the throne in K-beauty, and that means more than applying moisturizer on damp skin. It starts right at cleansing. Using a water-based cleanser, a hydrating essence and serum, and then a moisturizer is what we’re talking about. There’s no one miracle product. You layer your products to address different skin concerns, and customize it as per your skin’s needs.

How to layer your skincare

  • Customize your routine

You might have seen these words on the skincare shelves – oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and so on. But, does your skin feel the same every day? On some days it might feel extra dry, or clogged or itchy. K-beauty goes a step further, and allows you to play with different ingredients that cater to different concerns. Your routine can be as agile as you want, on some days it might need some extra TLC in the form of sheet masks, or maybe just the moisturizer and SPF on days when the temp is too high. Once you know what-does-what, you can easily tweak and move around the products by listening to what your skin needs that day. Quench skincare has carefully curated products that work better in synergy and with your skin's natural ecosystem. Super gentle, and non-stripping, you’ll love how easy and effective a skincare routine can be!

Customize your daily skincare routine

  • Hydration on = Glow on

Water reflects. Korean skincare leans heavily on this phenomenon and thus puts hydration on top of things. Allow us to connect the dots for you. Skin drenched in water > reduced skin issues > glass skin. Sure, there is an array of skin concerns – dryness, pigmentation, skin sagging, fine lines, acne, and so on, but having hydrated skin is the basis (if not the solution) to alleviating these skin issues. Pick Quench’s wide range of intensely hydrating serums and moisturizers to boost your skin’s moisture levels and to add a dewy glow!

Steps to achieve glass skin

  • Being consistent 

Here comes the toughest part. It is exhausting to tend to your skin every day and night, but all you need is a little change in perspective. If you look at K-beauty through the eyes of a Korean woman, then it is a lifestyle. Double cleansing your face, patting your serum in, and massaging your sleeping mask after a long day – sounds more like a mini spa, doesn’t it? It’s your escape from the world, your time to unwind and pamper yourself and your skin with some love. Who wouldn’t want that? Simply blend the routine in your life, and before you know it skincare will be your go-to distressing mechanism rather than a chore.

K-beauty philosophy the science behind healthy glowing skin

If you’re new to skincare and want to build a routine that works for you, then this guide will help you. 

  • Prevention is key

The way Western and Eastern cultures approach skincare is poles apart. K-beauty focuses more on prevention. Keeping the barrier healthy, maintaining the skin’s hydration levels and always wearing a sunscreen, are examples of how the regime works. You can surely dab an acne treatment, or spot-reducing serum for your trouble areas, but the preventative angle that Korean skincare has, considerably reduces the severity of any skin issue that we experience. Because if the skin is healthy to begin with, there is little to no scope that it will exhibit any nasty issue.

Korean skincare for healthy glowing skin

  • Place your bets on natural ingredients

Fermented rice water, lotus root, pearl extracts, birch juice, Korean ginseng, and so many more, are staple ingredients in K-beauty. It leans heavily on nature’s bounty to resolve deep-rooted skin issues for once and for all. We took a leaf from this, and formulated our products in combination with natural skin-loving ingredients and actives to give you your best skin ever. You can be rest assured that every time you pick a Quench product, you’re holding some of the rarest and most effective Korean natural ingredients in your hand!

Korean natural skincare ingredients

Now that you’re aware of how this works, are you ready to hop on the K-beauty bandwagon?

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