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How To Add Essences To Your Skincare Routine

South Korea has been the creator of cutting-edge skincare products for a while now. So, every time there is something new on the shelf, it is safe to say that it has its roots in this tiny Asian country. Back when the 10-step skincare routine was breaking the internet, the world was introduced to yet another alien product: essence, and everyone wanted to know more about it. Today, although it is a part of the mainstream skincare industry, it is truly one of the most misunderstood and under-rated products there is. 

Is it just marketing jargon? Do you *really* need one? Let’s discuss. 

What Is An Essence? 

Different from toners and serums, yet having the benefits of both – is the simplest definition of an essence. Toners are astringent agents that work on pores, while serums are ultra-concentrated concoctions that target various skin concerns. Essences have similar benefits of a serum but due to their water-y toner-like texture, they have a low molecule weight and can penetrate the skin better. Essences also contain actives that can tackle various issues – you’ll get exfoliating, hydrating, and even anti-ageing essences on the shelves today. The Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence is a god-sent for hydrating and boosting radiance. All thanks to its thin consistency they seep deep into the layers of the skin to work on cellular level and give you hydrated and re-balanced skin even before you apply your serum. This only enhances the whole routine, as now you have an extra layer of hydration, while the following products have a ready base to do their magic. 

Quench Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence

Where Do They Fit In A Skincare Routine? 

A routine will always start from the thinnest and build upwards towards the thickest product. You must always start with a cleanser and apply the essence right after on dry skin. Although, if you do use a pH-balancing or exfoliating toner, then it should go like this > cleanser/facewash > toner > essence and follow it up with your serum and moisturizer application. Allow your toner to be fully-absorbed in the skin, and then use a coin-sized amount of the essence into the palm and press it into the skin without dragging it. Patting the product with hands is a very Korean way to bank on the benefits of the product while allowing it to absorb better. Plus, using a cotton pad for essences leaves behind more product on the cotton pad, than on your face. 

how to use essence

Do You Really Need An Essence? 

That’s a big YES. Not because it is trending, not because Korean women swear by it, not because your fav beauty blogger said so, but plainly because of its amazing benefits. If your concerns are dryness, sensitivity, ageing, then an essence will make all the difference in your skin. Especially during summer months, when you’re trying to calm your skin, the Mama Cica Oil Control Essence is perfect! It keeps the skin plump, fresh, and oil-free all day long. Although, if you’re just starting your skincare journey, it is better to take baby steps, stick to a good CTM routine, and save the essence for later. Take time to understand your skin, its needs, and then throw in an essence to specifically target your skin concerns. 

Quench Mama Cica Oil Control Essence

All in all, we won’t say that it is a skippable step, but an essence is not something that is mandatory to every skincare routine. It’s an added step for added hydration, glow, and an overall healthy-looking skin. 

Can You Layer Two Essences?

Essences have actives in them, so layering means that you’re combining multiple actives, which might go south. Avoid rashes, skin irritation, and product wastage by keeping it simple and using only one essence in your routine. The skin can only absorb so much, right? 

Are Toners And Essences Interchangeable?

Because of their water-like texture, it’s easy to get confused between the two. But, toners are astringent agents that prep and balance the skin’s pH level; and in some cases mildly exfoliate. Whereas essences fall on the other spectrum and cater to hydration and plumpness. Think of them as liquid-y serums, which can tackle skin concerns at a molecular level. 

They sound fancy, right? They sure are! Make space for this K-beauty wonder, and you’ll never go back. 

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