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How To Create The Best Skin Care Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

When we hear the word acne, what kind of feeling do you get? Irritated and annoyed. We get it, dealing with acne-prone skin is frustrating as it feels like a constant battle to achieve healthy skin.  From one acne-ridden to another, it’s a tough life for this skin type. Honestly, it’s one of the hard skin types to care for as acne-prone skin requires you to go an extra way when it comes to skincare or even your makeup routine.

You always look for products that can help to decrease the oiliness, fade acne scars and reduce future breakouts and brighten your face.  Time to make your skin look healthy and glowy! You need an effective yet best skincare routine for acne-prone skin that will help in healing your existing active acne while preventing future breakouts. We came up with an AM-PM skincare routine that will keep your acne away for good. Keep on reading you guys!

AM Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

How we begin our day says a lot about acne treatment. It’s essential to follow a daytime skincare routine before you step out. Here’s an extensive AM skincare routine, which you should swear by. 

  • Cleanse
  • Cleansing your skin should be the first step in every regimen regardless of skin type. You need a gentle cleanser that can instantly refresh your skin without stripping off the natural oil. Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash is a cream-based cleanser that draws out oil and dirt while keeping your skin soft and oil-free. Wait, yes, it helps to clear your acne, blemishes and even heals irritated skin. 

    Quench Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash

  • Tone + Hydrate
  • To improve your skin hydration levels and prevent dehydration, we suggest adding a step of using a facial essence powered with active ingredients to refine pores, balance skin pH levels and prep your skin well. Using an essence before applying a serum or moisturizer helps the skin absorb all the nutrients better and adds a nice dewy soft glow to your complexion. Pick an essence based on your skin types: we have the super hydrating Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence enriched with acne-fighting ingredients like grapefruit pearl and licorice root extract to soothe damaged skin, heal breakouts and protect skin from redness and irritation. It works well for acne-prone and dry, irritated skin too while the Mama Cica Intense Oil Control Essence infused with Korean ingredients like ginseng, cica and lotus root extracts works well for blotchy, oily and combination skin. 

    Quench Oil Control and Brightening Face Essence
  • Moisturize 
  • Most of us who deal with acne prone skin tend to skip on their moisturizers as we think it makes your skin look greasy and will clog the pores. But hey your skin needs a lightweight, gel based moisturizer that suits your skin type. Look for anti-inflammatory ingredients like tea tree, salicylic acid, aloe vera, Korean ginseng as they are best suited for acne-prone skin. Why invest in a regular moisturizer when we have got you an acne expert at hand? Hands down,  Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer is a pro infused with chia seed, cactus extracts and bamboo water that soothes itchy skin in one go. Targets acne, this gel-based moisturizer keeps your pores clean and excess sebum in control. Isn't that what your skin needs? 

    Quench Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer
  • SPF 
  • If you skip on your sunscreen, you’ll regret it later! No AM skincare routine is complete without sunscreen and applying it every single day is non-negotiable. We know oftentimes you tend to skip on your SPF and some of us think that it can clog pores and eventually lead to skin breakouts. Look for gel-based and lightweight sunscreens as they work best for the summer season. Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel, a lightweight, non-sticky and gel-based sunscreen comes packed with soothing avocado, rice water and moringa extracts to nourish and protect your skin from UV rays. Hey, it does not leave a white cast after application (brownie points!). 

    Quench Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel

    PM Skincare Routine For Acne-Prone Skin

    Apart from your usual CTM skin care regime, there are a few additional steps that one needs to add to their PM skincare regime. Thinking about why it is required? Well because your shut-eye time is basically to let your skin absorb all the topical treatments and repair your skin. So, here’s what you need in your PM skincare routine. 

  • Double Cleanse
  • Quench Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm

    Regardless of your skin type, cleansing your skin twice a day is essential as it helps to eliminate all the dirt and impurities of the entire day. Start with a cleansing balm as it gently washes away all dirt, pollution and makeup that you just can’t wash with a regular face wash. Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm, a luxuriously creamy, gentle oil-based cleanser melts away the dirt, grime, sunscreen and long-wear makeup easily without irritating your skin. Follow it up with the Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser that will deep cleanse your pores and exfoliate the skin effectively without stripping off natural oil. It removes all water-based residue and gives you squeaky clean skin.

    Quench Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser
  • Acne Treatment 
  • Going for a date and spotted acne last minute? One of the best acne treatments out there– Pimple Patches. We’re raving about this anti-acne wonder Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches as it reduces inflamed pimples overnight and prevents future breakouts. Well, you’ll wake up to clear and calmer skin.  

    Quench Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches
  • Ampoule or a Serum
  • Quench Chialeader Zit Fix Serum

    The secret to glowing, clear and hydrated complexion is using a potent serum loaded with vitamins and antioxidants to take care of your skin concerns like pores, blemishes, uneven skin tone or dryness. If you have dry acne-prone skin, you can try the Chialeader Zit Fix Serum to soothe, nourish and reduce acne-causing bacteria. This is a multi-tasking serum packed with exfoliating salicylic acid to unclog pores, prevent and treat pimples and blemishes to give you a clear complexion. If you have extremely oily skin, you can apply an ampoule instead to targeted skin areas. An ampoule (a more concentrated version of a serum) formulated with high amounts of active ingredients like vitamin C, hyaluronic acid or niacinamide to target spots, acne scars, protect skin from environmental aggressors and pollution too. Pick our super-efficient Mama Cica Dark Spot Correcting Ampoule to look after all your acne skin worries! 

    Quench Mama Cica Dark Spot Correcting Ampoule
  • Moisturize more! 
  • Your last and final step should be to moisturize and let your skin breathe. And after any acne treatment, your skin is thirsty! Your skin needs a light moisturizer both during the day and night. Mon Cherry Ultra-Light Moisturizing Gel, a lightweight gel is designed to restore skin’s lost moisture and make it look supple and smooth. Your skin will thank you! 

    Quench Mon Cherry Ultra-Light Moisturizing Gel

    Few Extra Tips To Take Care of Acne and Breakouts

    As a part of your acne treatment and routine, make it a point to spend some extra minutes on your skin over the weekend. The idea is to prevent breakouts from forming and replenish skin with moisture and add some glow

  • Detox with a clay sheet mask!
  • When your skin needs deep detox and freshness, a sheet mask comes as your rescue partner. It helps you to get rid of dead skin cells, removes impurities, and gives your skin that instantly rejuvenate feeling. Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask for Oil Control and Clear Skin reveals a smooth, healthy-looking, radiant and clear complexion with a mess-free skin detoxifying mud mask! 

    Quench Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask for Oil Control and Clear Skin
  • Indulge in a refreshing overnight sleeping mask 
  • If you are someone who's not in scrubs and exfoliates, an overnight mask is your take. And a quick tip, avoid scrubbing if your skin has active acne. Wake up to glowing and healthy skin with Mama Cica Oil-Control Overnight Mask as it prevents acne, oiliness, and blemishes while restoring the moisture balance. Your skin demands some extra nutrients when it’s breaking out! 

    Quench Mama Cica Oil-Control Overnight Mask

    Apart from your skincare routine, your daily habits play a vital role. The basics are— follow a healthy diet, get enough sleep, use the right skincare products and drink plenty of water. Honestly, there’s no quick fix, you need to give it a try and be patient with the results. We’re counting you in with us! 

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