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Why You Should Try Our Antioxidant-Rich Matcha Skincare This Summer

If chai is to India, then matcha is to Korea. They simply cannot imagine their day, without sipping on this antioxidant and vitamin-rich drink. Of course, you might have seen fancy looking matcha pudding, lattes and even ice cream on the ‘gram, and thought of trying one too. But, wait until you hear about the benefits of matcha for skin, and you’ll have more reason to immediately get your hands on this bright green powder. 

What is Matcha?


A high-grade green tea ground into powder, matcha is a pretty delicate tea that is shade-grown over the course of three weeks. A staple in Japan, it is hand beaten into hot water, and sipped post meals. 

Explore Matcha Skincare Benefits

quench korean skincare for healthy glowing skin

The reason why matcha is considered premium and a must-have is because it is brimming with benefits that are pretty much impossible to find in just one type of tea. It has dozens of health benefits – from protecting the liver, boosting brain function, to aiding weight management. Although, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that matcha’s benefits for the skin will actually convince you to try it. 

1. It is antioxidant rich

Every green tea is high in antioxidants, so is there anything exclusive with matcha? Yes. Matcha offers the same antioxidants as every other green tea, but in humongous amounts. This helps to reduce cell damage, safe-guard your skin from free radicals, and fight signs of aging. 

2. Has high amount of chlorophyll

Matcha gets its catchy green colour from chlorophyll. Remember chlorophyll? The plant compound that helps plants with the process of photosynthesis, also benefits the skin in more than one way. It protects the skin from sun damage, reduces photo-ageing, and prevents our pores from clogging. That means, firmer skin and lesser wrinkles. 

3. Reduces acne and spots

Matcha is infused with yet another rarely found antioxidant named EGCG (epigallocatechin-3-gallate.) This is responsible for adding antibacterial and antibiotic properties in matcha, which makes it a boon for acne-prone skin. Along with keeping blemishes at bay, it also smoothens out the skin and makes it supple. So, overall the skin looks even-toned and baby soft to touch.

4. Makes skin overall healthy

If either of these are your skin concerns – puffiness, dark circles and inflamed skin – then matcha is a match made in heaven for you! It has a high content of vitamin K that promotes better blood circulation. Improved blood circulation = means more oxygen supply to the skin = healthy skin! 

5. Boosts collagen

Vitamin C enriched, matcha will make your skin glow! Think of it like coffee – but for your skin. You’ll have healthy and glowing skin, all thanks to vitamin C and its ability to boost collagen production. Not only that, matcha also contains vitamin B, that promotes healthy skin turnover, and it keeps the skin looking radiant and youthful! 

At Quench, we aim to resolve your skin woes with the best of Korean ingredients, and our matcha skincare range is a boon for oily and combination skin. 

If you’re rightfully convinced about using this skin elixir, then you must include these three matcha-infused products in your routine.

Some of our bestselling Matcha-Infused Korean Skincare to try:

1. Matcha Better Skin Detox Gel Face Wash

Quench Matcha Better Skin Detox Gel Face Wash

This stunner is filled with the goodness of bakuchiol, chamomile, mandarin orange peel oil, and our favourite, matcha. Wake your skin every morning with this skin-soothing gel face wash that brightens, soothes, and nourishes that skin. 

2. Matcha Better Anti-Shine Moisturizer

Quench Matcha Better Anti-Shine Moisturizer

If you’re looking for a non-greasy moisturizer that delivers radiance and a healthy glow, then your search ends here. It has cica, licorice root, and matcha that offer the perfect hydration to keep your skin supple all day long! Invest in this skin-saving product that suits all skin types, and makes it better with every use. 

3. Matcha Better Bubble Sheet Mask For Skin Detox

Quench Matcha Better Bubble Sheet Mask For Skin Detox

This is for when you’re in mood to chill, and give your skin some TLC without doing much. Simply tear the packet, and wear this fun bubble sheet mask while you simply sit back and relax. The innovative sheet mask bubbles up when exposed to air, giving you the perfect premise for your next IG post! *wink* It has matcha, glycerin, vitamin E, and chamomile that detoxifies, hydrates and adds a radiant glow. Include this quick-fix in your weekly routine to instantly refresh your skin. 

girl applying sheet mask

Didn’t we tell you? The benefits of matcha are ‘matcha’ better than you would think!

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