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Skin Minimalism: The Shortest Route To Healthy, Glowing Skin

If you have more than two moisturizers, sunscreens, and toners in your skincare cabinet, then dear friend, you will benefit the most from skin minimalism. This trend encourages de-cluttering, and sticking to a basic skincare routine, using minimal products. But, you’d argue – each product tackles a different issue, so you really need all of them. Umm, not really, hear us out. Getting that healthy glow does not require you to slather 12 products on your face before you hit the bed. All you need are a few potent products that multitask and do their job well. That way you’re de-cluttering your skincare cabinet, your life, and the Earth at large. Just a simplified skincare routine that works in silence to give you the skin you’ve always wanted – imagine the amount of money, time, and effort you’ll save. 

Let’s delve in. 

What are the benefits of skin minimalism? 

1) Saves time and money 

A minimal skincare routine will have 2-3 products max. So, you’ll not only save time, but also money since you’re not slathering product over product. 

2) Reduced risk of skin irritation 

Don’t they say too many hands spoil the broth? Not layering the products well will create concoctions that are terrible for your skin. For example, using retinol and then layering it with another exfoliating acid, now that’s a recipe for angered skin. 

3) Banking on the benefits 

Every product requires a set amount of time to work its magic on the skin. While following an elaborate routine, the product does not get its required time. On the other hand, when you apply minimal products, you know that your skin is benefitting from every product. 

Here’s how you can follow a minimalist skincare routine 

  • Cleanse 
Quench Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash

Cleansing is oh so important! Get rid of all the gunk and let your skin breathe with the Mesmerice Gentle Exfoliation Cream Face Wash. It gently exfoliates, and gives your skin a burst of glow, thanks to its high rice water content. Use it every day for a squeaky clean yet supple skin! 

  • Essence 
Quench Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence

The usual CTM routine suggests a toner that minimizes pores and balances the skin. But why not do more? The Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence not only gives the benefit of a toner, but also of a serum! Now, get radiant, hydrated, and brighter-looking skin with this skincare wonder! 

  • Treat
Quench Mama Cica Dark Spot Correcting Ampoule

What’s better than serum? An ampoule! The Mama Cica Dark Spot Correcting Ampoule is a potent concoction that adds a luminous glow, lightens dark spots, and intensely hydrates the skin. Ampoule is just serum on steroids, meaning, it is much more powerful and can deliver better results than a serum. 

  • Moisturize 

Mon Cherry Ultra Light Moisturizing Gel

Moisturizing is like covering your skin in a blanket of goodness. It seals in the benefits of essence and serum as well as adds a layer of moisture that keeps your skin hydrated and plump throughout the day! Our Mon Cherry Ultra Light Moisturizing Gel has the perfect blend of brightening and hydrating ingredients that promise to leave the skin feeling smooth and supple. 

  • SPF 

Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel

However minimal your routine be, SPF is a mandatory and non-negotiable aspect. The Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel will quickly be your to-go, since it is non-greasy, does not leave a white cast, absorbs quickly, and gives you the ultimate sun protection. 

Less is more, and we couldn’t agree more. Get your hands on these beauties, and get healthy radiant skin! 

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