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The Right Way To Exfoliate Based On Your Skin Type

There are peels, physical scrubs, chemical exfoliators, exfoliating toners and we’re pretty sure they’re coming up with another way to exfoliate as you’re reading this. So, naturally, finding what’s best for your skin can be a puzzle. Choosing the wrong one can cause your skin to burn or cause micro-tears in your skin. If this mildly scared you off, then it's best you keep scrolling to find out your scrubby-buddy! 

How to exfoliate based on your skin type 

Dry skin 

It might seem icky to even think about exfoliating dry skin, but stay with us. Not exfoliating it properly will lead to tired and dull-looking skin, because of the layers of dead skin cells that’ll accumulate. Plus, all your thick and creamy products will simply sit on the surface without doing you any good. The simple solution to avoid all of this is to use a glycolic-based exfoliator. It will slough off dead skin cells, without stripping your skin dry. 

You can also use face washes with mild exfoliating beads 2-3 times per week. Or take the DIY route by mixing ground oats with some milk and massaging your face with it. 

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Acne-prone skin 

This type in particular, loves exfoliation. Not only does it balance the oil field on the face but also unclogs pores to reduce blackheads, whiteheads and acne. A bi-weekly exfoliating sesh will rid you dead skin cells and make your skin glow from within! We highly recommend using a salicylic acid based exfoliator to buff away acne causing bacteria, shrink pores, and to regulate sebum production. 

Plus, acne-prone skin loves physical exfoliators as well. Even though they might have been thrown under the bus for causing micro-tears in skin and being much too abrasive – not all physical exfoliators are the same. Using a mild manual exfoliator with micro beads is what you need to prove all the above wrong. 

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Oily skin 

If your face resembles an oil slick by the end of the day or you can't imagine your day without using a blotting paper, then my friend, your skin is going to love this exfoliating mask. It is obvious to pick a clay mask if you have oily skin, and it does help as well but, temporarily. Because we all know that after a couple hours, when the sebaceous glands kick-in again, your face will go back to its oily self. So, we found a way around it. It envelops your oily skin with hydrating ingredients like cica, Korean ginseng, lotus root, and glycerin that balance your skin's moisture levels. Plus it has green algae powder and rosemary leaf oil that gives your skin an instant detox and controls excess oil. 

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Sensitive skin 

TBH, finding a skincare product that suits sensitive skin is a real task. It might react to everything and also nothing. So, even exfoliation might sound like a big NO-NO for sensitive skin, the truth is, you only need the right type of exfoliator. And when in doubt, trust the good ol’ lactic acid to do the trick. It’s super gentle and does its job without causing any skin irritation. 

Plus, sensitive skin will love everything that is nourishing and creamy. So, opting for a gentle, creamy exfoliator is going to love your skin like no other! It gives your skin the hydration that is needs along with silently lifting away dead skin cells, giving you brighter skin. 

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Combination Skin

When your skin’s sebum production is in check, a lot of skin issues are out of the question automatically. But, combination skin is neither too oily or dry. So the only thing that this type of skin needs is time-to-time exfoliation to keep up the skin’s overall health. This gives you the leverage of trying out literally any kind of exfoliating method you prefer. Since this type of skin can take on potent skincare acids as well, there is no bar in using glycolic, salicylic, citric acid or even physical scrubs. Just be careful not to go overboard. 

Target your exfoliation to areas that tend to get oilier (T-zone) with oil-controlling acids like salicylic acid. For its dry counterpart, you can leave the skin as is or opt for a gentle exfoliating acid like lactic or a mild physical scrub. Either way, do not use the same exfoliator for the entire face. 

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Go on, missy, brighter, glowing skin is awaiting you! 

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