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9 Korean Skincare Hacks That You Need To Try

Whatever you do in life, do not use rice water on your skin. Wait, what? Isn’t rice water a well-known and trusted ingredient for glowing skin? It is, but what you might not know is that using concentrated rice water on your skin can over-dry it and also cause acne. Yep. So, knowing what’s good for your skin is one thing, but to know how to use it well is also equally important. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up some tried-and-tested Korean skincare hacks that work like magic! Let’s dive right in. 

1. DIY exfoliation 

We’re all game for chemical and physical exfoliators but doing it every day is seriously not recommended. Instead what you can do is, wet a really soft cotton washcloth and gently massage your face in upward and circular motions. This will help you get rid of daily pollution, dirt and grime as well as unclog your pores. Simply do it for 1-2 minutes, ideally post showering. 

2. Healthy lips 

Having plump and juicy lips is such an understated flex. By just enhancing your natural lip colour, you’ll automatically look flushed and vibrant. A simple way to do this is by incorporating a lip sleeping mask in your PM skincare routine. Our Mon Cherry Lip Nourishing Sleeping Mask locks-in moisture, melts away dead skin cells, repairs dry and chapped lips, and forms a protective layer on the lips to keep them soft. Apply it every night and you’ll wake up to healthy-looking and soft lips. 

Quench Mon Cherry Lip Nourishing Sleeping Mask3. Mouth stretches 

Do you remember your English lessons? Because of this hack, all you need to do is say your vowels – A-E-I-O-U out loud, in a stretched and exaggerated way. You might end up looking like a rookie opera singer, but trust us it is worth it. It improves blood circulation, relaxes the facial muscles and brightens and tightens your skin. Practice this everyday (probably when you have no audience around). 

4. Rice water mist 

You didn’t think we would leave this one out, did you? After your rice water is fermented and ready to use, add 2-3 tablespoons of aloe vera gel (this quantity is for ½ liter of rice water, you can take more or less depending on your quantity) and half the quantity of regular water. Prepare a 1:2 concoction. Then shake it really well to make your very own rice water mist. 

5. Include an essence 

Essence is a gift, given to the world by K-beauty. Heavier than toners and lighter than serums, these are super-hydrating and glow-boosting liquids that seep deep into skin and work at a cellular level. Not only that, you can also take targeted action against your skin concerns by incorporating an essence in your routine. Our Mama Cica Intense Oil Control Essence reduces oil, refines pores as well as deeply hydrates and nourishes skin. On the other hand, the Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence suits all skin types and makes skin visibly brighter and radiant with continued use. 

Quench Korean essences6. Preventive skincare 

Make a switch and  load up on products that contain anti-ageing ingredients like ginseng, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid early on. If you’re in your mid-twenties, then now is the time you incorporate these ingredients in your routine too. The earlier you start, the better it is!

Our Mama Cica Dark Circle Fading Under Eye Cream contains a high amount of Korean ginseng that keeps the under eye firm and bright. Use it twice a day, every day for best results. 

For vitamin C, our Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Brightening Toner comes second to none! It contains yuzu fruit which has 3X more vitamin C than lemon. It brightens skin, uplifts dull skin, and improves skin texture. 

Our Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum contains hyaluronic acid as well as birch juice that guarantee a plumper, smoother and hydrated skin. 

Quench products7. Switch Pillowcases 

There is a full 7-8 hours of exchange of dirt, oil and bacteria between your face and the pillowcase. Make sure that you wash them every 3-4 days to prevent your skin from breaking out. 

8. Apply skincare on damp skin 

Another inexpensive skincare hack is to apply products when the skin is still damp post cleansing. Especially for toner and essences. They should be applied within 10 seconds of washing your face. Reason? Your products not only seep-in better, but your skin drinks up more water too. Hello, dewy face!

9. Ice ice! 

Whether you want to dunk your face in a bowl of ice, or wrap one in a piece of cloth and rub it on your face, ice your face pls. If you have acne, this is going to help you heal it. Even if you don’t, icing improves blood circulation on the face, leaving you with brighter and glowing skin

Loading on skin-plumping and anti-ageing ingredients like above gives you a head start to beat premature signs of ageing. 

Don’t wait for good skin, manifest it with these Korean hacks! 

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