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How To Get Rid Of Cystic Acne Easily - Skincare Routine & Tips

Acne is annoying, but one particular type that deserves a special mention for being the worst is cystic acne. Obviously because it randomly spurts out stark pain, takes forever to heal, only to leave you with splotches that take half a year to fade. Fun! We’re going to have fun! 

But, first, what is cystic acne

what is cystic acneUnlike any other form of acne, cystic acne is deep rooted within the skin tissue, due to the development of inflammatory nodules beneath the skin. It’s a whole lot going under the skin’s surface, but on the outside they look like bumpy, flared-up nightmares. 

How are cystic acne caused? 

Everyone’s skin is the same, and everyone undergoes hormone fluctuations, BUT, for some, the sebaceous glands (oil-producing glands) are naturally a tad more sensitive to the mentioned factors. This results in a hyped-up and frequent inflammatory response. Here’s what happens: your follicle gets clogged with bacteria and oil. This inflammation ruptures the pores and leaks the bacteria into the surrounding area. The result: painful cystic acne trapped beneath the skin. This is why you’ll see that cystic acne covers a lot of ground on your face, and spreads at the slightest touch. Ugh! 

Cystic acne treatment skincare routine you can follow

If you want to get rid of cystic acne stat, then this no BS skincare routine is going to help. Incorporate these on good days and bad, and watch those buggers leave in peace. 

Step 1 - Cleansing: Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash 

Quench Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face WashIt all begins in the pores, hence targeting it with an effective pore-clearing face wash is the first crucial step. It’s more than just cleansing, consider this as your short-contact therapy. Our Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash contains acne-fighting active ingredients like cica, Korean ginseng and volcanic ash that work their magic to pull out gunk and acne-causing bacteria. 

Step 2 - Toning: Matcha Better Pore Clearing Skin Tonic 

Quench Matcha Better Pore Clearing Skin TonicTo continue the pore-clearing action and to balance the skin’s pH level using a skin tonic is a must. Although, our Matcha Better Pore Clearing Skin Tonic goes a step further and even hydrates the skin. This three-pronged approach is possible because of ingredients like matcha green tea, bakuchiol, and cica. 

Step 3 - Treatment: Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum 

Quench Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying SerumOne thing that cystic acne dreads is hydration. So, here’s an unpopular opinion: you do not need to dry out your acne, but in fact feed it hydration. Which is where our hydrating super-star Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum comes into the picture. It contains birch juice, sea buckthorn, passionflower, and hyaluronic acid that drench your skin in water, and speed up the healing process. 

Step 4 - Hydration: Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer 

Quench Chialeader Oil Control MoisturizerBy now, you must know better than not applying moisturizer on oily skin. To get optimum hydration without the greasiness, look no further than our Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer. It comes with an inbuilt roller ball applicator that massages your face and allows the product to penetrate better. Pamper your skin with the goodness of chia seeds, cactus water, and bamboo water for fresh and supple skin all day long! 

Step 5 - Protection: Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel 

Quench Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen GelWhen you apply sunscreen, be sure that your acne-affected skin is doing a little happy dance. As the sunscreen protects skin from harmful UV rays, infrared waves, sunburn, pollution, and skin reactions you can imagine how healthy it leaves your skin. Our Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel has an ultra-lightweight, non-oily and non-sticky formula that rests on the skin without making it heavy. 

Step 6 - Exfoliation: Mama Cica Instabright Peel Pads 

Quench Mama Cica Instabright Peel PadsGlycolic acid is the tough guy that sloughs off dead skin cells and excess oil – the two ingredients that form cystic acne. A weekly or biweekly exfoliating session with our Mama Cica Instabright Peel Pads will unclog pores and bring acne under control. Just ensure not to over-exfoliate or increase the frequency. Remember, skincare takes time. 

Step 4 - Masking: Bravocado Deep Cleansing Face Mask 

Quench Bravocado Deep Cleansing Face MaskOne product that every acne-prone skin loves is a clay mask. It’s the magnet that kind of sucks out all the baddies, and restores a healthy glow. Our Bravocado Deep Cleansing Face Mask is powered by kaolin and bentonite clay that take care of all things acne, while rice water, pomegranate and avocado nourish and hydrate skin. It’s the shortcut to good skin packed in a tub! 

Tips that will help reduce cystic acne and acne scarring 

  • Never try to pop or squeeze or touch cystic acne. This only adds fuel to the wild-fire, and increases the chances of scarring and infection
  • Cold therapy really works. Wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and hold it on your acne for 1-2 minutes max
  • A topical spot treatment works well too! Start with a low concentration of retinoid or benzoyl peroxide and apply it on the affected area every night (refer to the usage instructions on the product) 

Hold tight! It might seem like a bumpy road ahead, but once you give it some time and the right skincare ingredients, they will disappear like they were never there.  

We recommend visiting a dermatologist if the acne is too severe and uncontrolled. 

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