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How to Choose The Right Serum For Your Skin Type

Serums have been gaining a lot of popularity, and you might be wondering what all the hype is about. Well, serums are little vials of magic that are meant to transform your skin and make your skin look youthful, spot-free and radiant. 

When you add a serum to your skincare routine, you have additional chances to keep your skin looking young and healthy. The texture of the serum is thinner than a moisturizing cream which helps to penetrate deep into your skin in a few minutes leaving it all smooth and supple. But, you also might have multiple questions - When should you apply it? How much to apply? What is the right way to apply it? Where does it fit in a skincare routine? 

We are here to help you with every tiny piece of information about serums, so keep scrolling. 

What is a face serum? 

serumSerums. Probably might be sitting in your cabinet but you are still unsure what to do with them. Well, they are mild hydrators that contain a dose of ingredients that are highly effective and are known to be beneficial for managing specific skin conditions such as wrinkles, dullness, fine lines, and ageing skin. Thinner than your regular moisturizer, a serum makes it ideal skincare for layering. It is a lightweight treatment that penetrates deep into your skin. But, do you know what the best news is? There is a serum for everyone — so pick one depending on your skin concerns and skin type, and watch your skin transform. 

How to use a serum? 

You can use a serum in your morning and night skincare regime. It goes after your cleanser and toner and before moisturizer. 

Apply it on your dry, clean skin and let it sink in by gently patting your skin. After a few minutes, finish off with a moisturizing cream, which should be ideally from the same skincare range for fabulous synergy. Make sure you don’t rub your skin excessively and let the serum absorb into your skin. 

To apply, take a pea-sized amount (about 2-4 drops) of the serum into your fingers. Dab the facial serum all over your neck and face using gentle tapping motions. Then wait for a couple of minutes for the serum to penetrate deep into your skin before continuing with the routine. 

Best Quench face serums to invest in

If you think your skin has no room for serums, you’re gravely mistaken again. Serum can be your ultimate answer for turbocharging hydration from within to heal the skin. The best part — it’s never too late to hop on the serum bus! 

When you are adding any skincare product to your regime, always know your skin type and concerns before choosing the formula. Different textures work differently on every skin type, where dry skin prefers having creamy formula, oily skin tends to prefer lightweight or gel-like textures. Well, ingredients matter too! We’ve saved you from that extra effort and rounded up the best serums for your skin. Go ahead and take your pick for serum companion with what Quench has to offer!

Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum

Quench Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum

The number one hydrating and collagen-building ingredients you could ever use? Hyaluronic acid. Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum with the support of this ingredient boosts the skin renewal process that gives your skin a healthier complexion. Plus, niacinamide, a powerful antioxidant evens out skin tone and minimizes the appearance of pores.

P.S. It’s so hydrating that it can allow your moisturizer or night cream to take an occasional break from serving your skin. Hence, loading - the dewiest skin you’ve ever had!

Chialeader Zit Fix Serum 

Quench Chialeader Zit Fix Serum

An anti-acne wonder that works overtime to heal your existing acne scars? Yes, please. Our Chialeader Zit Fix Serum is brimming with the goodness of chia seed, bamboo, cactus stem extract, and tea tree leaf water targets acne-causing bacteria (adios, pesky acne) while strengthening your skin’s natural barrier. Meanwhile, salicylic acid teams up with other ingredients to treat your acne scars and repair damaged skin cells, while locking in the moisture. It’s time to welcome acne-free, clear and healthy skin!

Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum

Quench Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum

Nothing better than a potent face serum that works while you snooze and wake up to healthy and fresh looking skin. Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum contains acne-fighting formula that comes packed with natural Korean ingredients that helps to target spots, blemishes, pigmentation and breakouts. Just what your skin has been asking for! 

Mesmerice Intense Repair Serum

Quench Mesmerice Intense Repair Serum

Imagine the touch of rice transforming your skin to make it look soft and radiant. Mesmerice Intense Repair Serum infused with the goodness of rice water, niacinamide and grape seed oil helps to protect your skin barrier, minimize pores and improve skin elasticity. The result: soft, plump and radiant skin. Oh it smells ah-mazing!

Now that you’re well-addressed about the facts of serum, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the bottle of hydration now. 

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