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How To Determine Your Skin Type?

Knowing your skin type is the crux of building a skincare routine. Based on that alone, you can determine what products and ingredients your skin needs. There are five broad categories – oily, dry, sensitive, combination and normal. Each with its own set of perks and cons. If you’re new to skincare and want to build a routine, this is how you determine what your skin type is. We promise it is easier than you think! 

What are the basic skin types? 

5 skin typesThere are five, you know that now. Here we give you a quick peek into what each type is and what their common traits are. 

Oily: Oily skin is the most common skin type in India, all thanks to the hot and humid climate. It produces more than the required amount of sebum (oil), which makes skin look greasy and shiny. Due to excess sebum, those with this skin type also commonly experience blackheads, whiteheads or acne, which is caused due to clogged pores. 

Dry: The bang opposite of oily skin, dry skin does not have enough oil. It may feel flaky, tight and dull. Not taking proper care can also cause the skin to crack or peel. Dry skin is not to be confused with dehydrated skin, where the latter is a skin condition that is caused due to lack of moisture (water) and can happen to any skin type. 

Combination: Like the perfect sweet spot between oily and dry skin, combination skin has both – oily and dry areas at the same time. Where in, usually the T-zone (forehead + nose + chin) is oilier and the cheeks are dry. 

Sensitive: This skin type is not visibly marked by a specific trait, but is just sensitive. It has a heightened sensitivity to stressors and even certain skincare products and ingredients. Because of which, one might experience skin irritation, itchiness, dryness, or rashes when exposed to a stressor. 

Normal: Those few God’s favourite who have normal skin do not exhibit any persistent skin issue. Overall their skin feels and looks well-balanced and is healthy. 

Even though these five types of skin are neatly defined, it is possible that your skin type might change overtime. For example, it is pretty normal to have oily skin or experience breakouts during teen years. But as you age, your skin produces much less oil and starts becoming dry. 

On the other hand, the climate you live in also determines your skin type. If you live in a dry and cold area, oily skin can start becoming drier and if it’s a hot and humid climate then it’s vice versa. 

How to know what your skin type is? 

knowing your skin typeMethod 1: The bare-faced way 

How your skin feels and looks without an ounce of product is the most direct way to know your skin type. Use a mild facial cleanser to thoroughly wash your face. Our Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is perfect for all skin types. Then, pat your face dry with a clean towel and leave it as is. Do not use a single skincare or makeup product. After 30-60 minutes, closely observe your skin. Notice how it looks and feels. If it feels a bit greasy and looks shiny, you have oily skin. If it feels tight and uncomfortable, then it’s likely that your skin type is dry. If only the T-zone is oily and the rest of the face feels dry, then its combination, and if you’re feeling mild tingling or irritation then you have a sensitive skin type. But, if you’re experiencing none of the above, then congratulations you have normal skin. 

Method 2: Blotting paper 

Using blotting paper on the different parts of your face is another easy way to determine your skin type. This is best done during evening, or post-lunch hours, as blotting on a freshly cleansed face will tamper the result. Hold a clean blotting on the different parts of your face, and then see it against light to see how much oil it has absorbed. More oil means oily skin where little to no oil means you have dry skin. If the T-zone is oily and the cheeks are dry then its combination or normal skin. 

How to take care of your skin

Oily skin 

Oily skin needs a lot of moisture but no oil. Opt for products that are light-weight, quick absorbing and very hydrating. Our Matcha Better Anti-Shine Moistuizer understands your skin well. It comes packed with hydrating ingredients that deliver moisture without making your skin greasy. Also, since oily skin is more prone to acne, blackheads and whiteheads, it is important to keep the pores clean and healthy. Which is where our Birch Please Intense Glow Mask will help you. It is infused with salicylic acid which gently exfoliates and prevents acne, as well as makes skin glow! 

Quench products for oily skinDry skin 

This skin type needs both – oil and water. The lack of sebum production makes it harder for dry skin to retain water. This leads to premature ageing, flaky skin and mild skin itchiness and irritation. To handle this, you need products that nourish your skin’s barrier – which is your skin’s first line of defense. Our Mesmerice Intense Repair Serum is your best bet. It not only nourishes dry skin, but also strengthens skin’s barrier function. Pair it along with our luxuriously creamy Bravocado Skin Repair Sleeping Mask to get hydrated and soft skin every morning! 

Quench products for dry skinCombination skin 

Here, you’re dealing with two concerns – oiliness and dryness. But it’s not as tricky as it might seem. You need balancing products that cater to both these extreme sides. Our Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence has a refreshing formula that delivers a boost of moisture and glow. If the oiler T-zone tends to develop blackheads, then you can sweep them away with Mama Cica Instabright Peel Pads. And lastly, give your skin a mini facial with our Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask For Oil Control And Clear Skin, which is a unique clay mask + sheet mask that gives you the benefits of both. 

Quench products for combination skinSensitive skin 

It is widely agreed that skin sensitivity stems from a damaged or weak skin barrier. Which is why your skin fails to protect itself from stressors and this wreaks havoc. Ingredients like ceramides and hemp seed oil are your BFFs as they can strengthen the barrier and help your skin heal. Our Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum is especially formulated to soothe sensitive and stressed skin. With calming ingredients like birch juice, hyaluronic acid, and sea buckthorn, you get glowing + healthy skin. 

Quench Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying SerumNormal skin 

Since this skin type does not have any active concern, it’s basically the easiest to deal with. All you need to do is keep up your skin’s health and hydration levels. Follow a consistent skincare routine with a gentle cleanser > toner > serum > moisturizer > sunscreen, and you’re good to go! Your skin is going to love the Birch Please Intense Hydration Water Sleeping Mask that drenches your skin in moisture and gives skin a visible glow! 

Quench Birch Please Intense Hydration Water Sleeping MaskThat’s all folks! Didn’t you hit the jackpot? Now you know how to determine your skin type, as well as care for it. Go, get that healthy, glowing skin! 

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