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5-Step Spot Reduction Routine For Sensitive Skin

Just like putting in efforts to not skip your workout routine, achieving spotless skin asks for dedicated products. Minus the sweat, ofcourse. Whether you’re dealing with acne spots or hyperpigmentation, the right skincare products can deliver the glowing skin of your dreams, even if you have sensitive skin. So here’s a quick and effective routine to glow spot-free in 5 easy steps!

Get Rid Of Dark Spots In 5 Easy Steps

1) Begin with a cleanse 

A vital step you simply shouldn’t skip, cleansing purifies, gently exfoliates and rejuvenates your skin. Giving cleansing a miss can invite clogged pores, breakouts and hyperpigmentation. A cleanser is your first step towards spot reduction.

Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash

Add a cleanser to your AM and PM skincare routine to get rid of dark spots. A thorough cleanse with a mild yet effective exfoliating face wash will help unclog pores, hydrate your skin and prevent breakouts. Like the Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash is a cream-based formula that’s a great match for sensitive skin. Infused with adlay seed powder, this mild yet effective face wash gently sloughs away dead skin cells and deep-seated impurities from the pores without being harsh on your skin.

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2) Mask it up

Dark spots need targeted skincare and nothing does that better than a clay mask. A detoxifying mask after a long day not only relaxes your skin but also helps refine pores, even out your complexion and boost skin radiance. This step is indulgent and effective, making it a must-have.

Mon Cherry Brightening Pink Clay Mask

Clay masks are all the rage and for the right reasons. Add one to your vanity to get smooth and radiant skin similar to the Mon Cherry Brightening Pink Clay Mask that’s full of potent ingredients like bentonite and kaolin along with cherry blossom, pearl and grapefruit extracts. Apply, sit back and enjoy this deep cleansing formula that removes dead skin, controls excess oil and prevents breakouts.

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3) Get to the essence

Make the active ingredients in your skincare routine more effective with a facial essence. It’s the perfect way to add some extra goodness if you have sensitive skin. Not just limited to hydrating the skin, this skincare essential restores skin’s natural radiance and preps skin beautifully to absorb the richness of the skincare products that follow.

Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence

Opt for an essence with natural ingredients that deliver crystal-clear, dewy and supple skin. The Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence is a great choice for those looking for an intensely hydrating, replenishing and lightweight formula. Let your skin absorb the goodness of cherry blossom, grapefruit and licorice root.

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4) Indulge in a serum

A healthy, glowy complexion is the result of choosing the right skincare aid and a serum is one that delivers fantastic results. Choose a serum that contains just enough of an active ingredient to perfectly moisturize your sensitive skin without sending it into an irritated frenzy.

Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum

A thirst-quenching serum can help you get even toned skin while reducing the appearance of dark spots and redness. Achieve clearer-looking skin with a serum like the Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum that helps eliminate dark spots, blemishes and balances moisture levels. Not to forget, it contains the natural goodness of avocado, pomegranate, rice water, bakuchiol and 2% niacinamide along with skin firming ingredients like arginine, allantoin and hyaluronic acid.

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5) Moisturizer’s a must

The last step of this dark spot reduction routine is to lock in all the moisture and keep your skin fresh while avoiding skin-irritant ingredients like alcohol. Choose an alcohol-free moisturizer as it’s sensitive skin-friendly. A perfect moisturizer will penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin without leaving a greasy residue. 

Mon Cherry Ultra Light Moisturizing Gel

Smooth, dewy and supple skin without any dark spots is the result of intense moisturization. And for deep skin nourishment, opt for the Mon Cherry Ultra Light Moisturizing Gel made with a unique gel-to-water texture and power-packed with 2% niacinamide, a form of vitamin B3, which calms inflammation, reduces redness and prevents fine lines. And the best part? It’s completely free from parabens, sulphates and alcohol!

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And this is how you bid adieu to dark spots and pigmentation on sensitive skin with a quick and effective routine!

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