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Simplified Glass Skin Routine for Beginners

Real skin has blemishes. It has marks and scars and pores. It has TEXTURE. 

Glass skin is, simply, when your skin is at its healthiest. When your skin is healthy, it is clear and glowing. If we go by this definition, and not that of crazy perfection, then glass skin is very much achievable, no matter what your skin type. Even if you have acne-prone skin, oily or combination skin, everyone can benefit from a set skincare routine with products that work for your skin type. Pore-less, texture-less skin is only possible with Photoshop and filters, which are not really viable options for real life. We want you to embrace your skin in its natural state – and work with what you have, without holding yourself up to crazy beauty standards. 

This skin trend is characterized by skin that is drenched in moisture – that’s where K-beauty comes in. We layer our skin with many hydrating products that'll leave the skin barrier healthier than ever. Fair warning – this Korean glass skin routine is extensive, but the beauty of it is that you can pick and choose the steps that work for you! 

So, here’s how you get glass skin, the Quench version. 

Step 1: Double Cleanse 

Quench Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Balm

Just like any good skincare regime, the glass skin routine starts with cleansing. Doing so gives your skin the ability to absorb all the yummy goodness of the products you will apply later. So, take an oil cleanser like the Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Balm and emulsify it using some water. Massage your face in circular motions to break down the dirt deep within your pores. Now, wash off with some clean water and follow with a water-based cleanser

Step 2: Add Some Hydration 

Quench Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence

Now that your face is squeaky clean, it’s time to give it some hydration. An essence is a lighter version of a serum, meaning it absorbs superbly, giving your skin deep moisturization. Pick an essence that treats your issue. We suggest the Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence

Step 3: Give your Undereyes Some Love 

The next step of your Korean glass skin routine is to pamper the under-eyes. The layer of skin underneath our eyes is extremely delicate. Use a revitalizing eye cream like the Mama Cica Dark Circle Fading Under Eye Cream which comes with an in-built roller to prevent tugging. Using an eye cream will diminish dark circles, and keep you looking refreshed all day long. 

Step 4: Treat your Skin with a Serum 

Quench Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum

Look for a glass skin serum that is loaded with skin-loving ingredients. It should absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling bouncy and refreshed, as opposed to oily and tacky. We love the Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum as it provides intense hydration and is power-packed with some amazing ingredients. 

Step 5: Moisturize Generously 

Quench Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer

Apply a nice layer of your favourite moisturizer to seal in all the goodness of the essence and serum. Massage your face until all of the moisturizer has been absorbed! If you are looking for something lightweight yet hydrating, you can try the Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer

Step 6: Protect your Skin

Apply a broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen to prevent premature aging and to keep your skin healthy! Make sure you use a generous amount and cover all skin that is exposed. Wait at least 20 minutes post-application to step out. 

That’s it! 

Now, repeat this all, again at night, skipping the sunscreen. Instead, you can apply a sleeping mask like the Mama Cica Oil Control Overnight Mask for a dose of extra hydration. 

Twice a week, exfoliate to get rid of any dead cell build-up. Try the Mon Cherry Overnight Peeling Mask for some gentle yet effective exfoliation. Once a week, make sure to pamper your skin with a sheet mask like the Mon Cherry Sheet Mask for Bright and Clear Skin.  

simple glass skin routine

And remember, your best skin is the one you feel most comfortable in!

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thank you for providing the skincare routine step by step.

Deepti November 17, 2021

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