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Overnight Masks: Why You Need to Add Them to Your Routine ASAP!

If you’re one of us, meaning that you don’t really have time to slather on multiple skincare products every day, you are in the right place. All you need is one products – an overnight mask.

You might have seen these in aisles of beauty stores labelled sleeping masks, sleeping packs or even leave on masks. Imagine your skin soaked in your favourite soothing, active serums all night long, only for you to wake up with soft, glowing, and hydrated skin. Sounds amazing, right?

What does an overnight mask do?

Think of an overnight mask as a supercharged night cream. By now, we all know that the skin repairs and replenishes itself by increasing cell turnover. To help this process, enter overnight masks. A good overnight mask will supply your skin with hydration and nourishment, so that you wake up with skin that is plump and glowing. So, a sleeping mask:

Gives actives more time to work

If a sheet mask can be so effective for 10-15 minutes, imagine what a sleeping mask could do for your skin! If you get 7-8 hours of sleep a night, that’s how long your skin gets to absorb all the yummy goodness of actives like hyaluronic acid, niacinamide, salicylic acid – whatever’s in the mask you pick! Some overnight masks also target issues like dullness, zits, hyperpigmentation and much more, so pick the one that benefits your skin the most.

Locks in moisture

A sleeping mask provides an extra layer of protection on top of your skin, preventing it from losing moisture. This also effectively seals in the serums and essences that you may have applied before, giving them more time to work.

Protects against impurities

When you apply an overnight mask, you create a physical barrier between your skin and the outside world. Meaning, it keeps the bad stuff like dirt, grime and pollutants out, and keeping the good stuff in.

Encourages cellular regeneration

Hydration is key for good skin – in any skin type. Good hydration prompts cellular regeneration, meaning you will age slower if your skin is well taken care of. An overnight mask speeds up this process with its actives, exposing new skin cells to nourishing and hydrating ingredients, resulting in healthy, glowing skin!

Steps for overnight mask

So, how can I incorporate an overnight mask in my routine?

We are glad you asked! Start your bedtime routine as usual. Cleanse your makeup with a micellar water. Now, follow up with a gentle cleanser. Prep your skin for maximum hydration with a lightweight essence. Pat in your favourite serum and wait for it to sink in completely. Now, take a generous scoop of your overnight mask and pat it on your skin and neck. Wait for it to settle in for about 10 minutes before heading to bed. Rinse off in the morning to reveal beautifully hydrated skin! Make sure you apply an overnight mask only 2-3 times a week!

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