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Oil-Based Cleanser vs. Water-Based Cleanser: Which One Is Right For You?

When you think of beneficial skincare products, moisturizers and serums often fall into the limelight. Cleansers usually are treated like an afterthought. But they are, in reality, the most vital part of your skincare regime. A basic facial cleanser’s task is to remove dirt and impurities while making your skin clear and smooth. And these come in a variety of ways. Pick your favourite from a wide range - gel-based, cream, oil-based, foam, clay and micellar water. But the two types that top the shopping list are oil-based and water-based cleansers. So which one should you choose?

What’s the difference between the two?

To pick a facial cleanser (the right way, anyway), you first need to know why they are different.

Difference Between Oil Based Cleanser And Water Based Cleanser

Oil-based cleanser

An oil-based cleanser is suitable for all skin types. It helps remove makeup, dirt, pollution and excess sebum from your skin. Essentially, it gets rid of anything found in your pores and on the surface of your skin. Oil-based cleansers remove oil from the skin - oil helps get rid of oil, grease, sebum and impurities by breaking them down. They are equipped to remove all debris that a water-based cleanser wouldn't be able to attract. The outermost layer of your skin produces natural oils that do your skin good. An oil-based cleanser keeps these natural oils intact. This makes sure there is no irritation, dryness or inflammation.

Water-based cleanser

A water-based cleanser is more suitable for people with oily and acne-prone skin. Using a water-based foaming or non-foaming cleanser, you can further clean up your skin. They help remove any leftover dirt, grime or cleanser residue. Water-based cleansers rinse away the excess oil and sebum the skin produces. They target water-soluble particles and get rid of them quickly.

Pick a face cleanser based on your skin type and skin concern!

Quench Botanics Facial Cleansers

Yes, several factors can affect the choice of a facial cleanser. The ingredients in it, its formulation, your skin’s specific needs and your skin type all help you choose the best cleanser for you. For instance, if you have sensitive skin, choosing a face cleanser that doesn’t irritate your skin is important.

Quench Chialeader Shine Control Gel Face Wash

Gel-based cleansers: A gel cleanser is an ideal pick for oily or acne-prone skin. It provides a deep cleansing experience and unclogs pores to keep acne away. The Chialeader Shine Control Gel Face Wash is a foaming gel-based face wash with orange peel oil that removes dirt, grime, impurities and excess oil from your skin.

Quench Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash
Foam cleansers: Foam cleansers are great for combination and oily skin. The formula lathers to a rich foam and helps to cleanse away impurities. 

Quench Bravacado Pollution Rescue Cream Face Wash
Cream cleansers: Dry and sensitive skin types benefit the most from cream cleansers. They are infused with moisturizing ingredients and don't strip the skin of its natural oils. Go for the Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash. This cream-based deep pore cleanser is ideal for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. Another fine choice is the Bravacado Pollution Rescue Cream Face Wash that’s powered by moringa seed oil to deep cleanse and remove all impurities.

Quench Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser
Oil-based cleansers: The Korean beauty routine recommends that you first cleanse your face with an oil-based cleanser. A great choice is the Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser, a 2-in-1 lightweight, oil-based face cleanser that removes all traces of dirt, long-wear makeup and impurities. Remember, an oil-based cleanser is suitable for all skin types. 

Quench Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water
Micellar water or water-based cleanser: This is a relatively new type of cleanser that doesn’t need to be rinsed off. It is a water-based cleanser infused with tiny oil molecules that help get rid of dirt, makeup and other impurities. Quench has a great water-based cleanser, the Mama Cica Deep Pore Cleansing Micellar Water. This is a skin detoxifying micellar water that thoroughly and gently removes makeup, dirt, pollution and bacteria from the skin.

Quench Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm
Cleansing Balm: A thick, rich balm is extremely effective in deep cleansing the skin in a gentle way. The Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm is a luxuriously creamy, gentle oil-based cleanser. It effectively gets rid of dirt, grime and oil-based impurities like excess sebum, sunscreen and of course, long-wear makeup. 

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    Here’s how to use a face cleanser the right way!

    The Right Way To Use A Facial Cleanser

    You’ve picked up a favourite cleanser, one that checks all your skin’s needs. Now it’s time to learn how to make the best out of it by using it the right way. Make these cleansers a part of your AM as well as PM skincare routine and see the difference.

    AM Routine

    Step 1: Start your morning routine with a cleanser of your choice. Take a small amount on your palm and begin gently massaging it in circular motions covering your face and neck. Rinse it off with water and dab with a towel gently.

    Step 2: Immediately follow it up with a facial mist to improve the absorption of your moisturizer. The Mama Cica Rejuvenating Face Mist suits oily, acne-prone skin well and helps in tightening pores and clarifying skin. For dull, tired skin, the Mon Cherry Brightening Face Mist works wonders. It adds an instant, radiant glow to your skin.

    Step 3: Grab your favourite moisturizer and apply it well to give your skin a vital boost of hydration. If you have oily, acne-prone or combination skin, then the Chialeader Oil Control Moisturizer is your perfect match. It delivers lasting hydration and keeps your skin fresh and supple all day long. The Mon Cherry Ultra Light Moisturizing Gel restores skin’s lost moisture and makes it supple, smooth and dewy soft. It works well for all skin types.

    Step 4: Next is SPF and that’s a step you definitely shouldn’t skip. A sunscreen before you head out for the day strengthens your skin barrier and protects against sunburn, spots and damage from harmful UV rays.

    PM Routine

    Step 1: After a long day, indulge in double cleansing, first with an oil-based cleanser and then with a water-based face wash. This method ensures you have supple, smooth and hydrated skin that’s free from pollution, dirt and grime.

    Step 2: Next on the list is exfoliation to get rid of dead skin cells. Use the Mama Cica Instabright Peel Pads that are power-packed with glycolic acid and natural papaya extracts. They gently exfoliate the skin, promote cell renewal while revealing clearer-looking, spotless and smooth skin.

    Step 3: Korean skin care is all about layering moisturizing products and one of them is a facial essence. You can pick an essence based on your skin concern and skin type. Try the skin brightening Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence packed with grapefruit, cherry blossom and pearl extracts. It suits all skin types and helps prep the skin to better absorb the goodness of the rest of the skincare products. The other option is the Mama Cica Intense Oil Control Essence that is made with a potent skin rejuvenating formula that controls excess oil, clarifies pores, and deep cleanses. Enriched with Korean ginseng, cica and lotus root extracts, the gentle formula soothes inflamed and irritated skin and is a great match for oily, acne-prone and sensitive skin..

    Step 4: Time to nourish your skin and nothing does it better than a serum. If you have dull or dry skin, go for the collagen boosting Bravocado Intense Brightening Serum that evens out skin tone and adds glow. If clogged pores, pimples and blemishes are a concern, try the Chialeader Zit Fix Serum with potent salicylic acid and chia seed goodness to intensely hydrate, control excess blackheads and breakouts!

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    You are now equipped with the best knowledge about oil-based and water-based cleansers. So start shopping and pamper your skin!

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