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Ingredient In Focus: Vitamin E & Everything It Does For Your Skin

The ‘e’ in the word excellent stands for vitamin E. It’s an evergreen ingredient that has stood its firm ground even when there are new and novelty ingredients coming to the forefront practically every single day. It is so wholesome, that it would be offensive if it’s not in the ingredient list of a hydrating moisturizer or eye cream. But what makes it such a cult-favourite ingredient? Do you need it in your routine? Let’s find out. 

What is Vitamin E?

vitamin EIt’s a vitamin, but technically it is a group of compounds that comes in eight different types. These are oil-soluble antioxidants, with its variants tocopheryl acetate and tocopherol commonly found in skincare products. These two out of the eight types are qualified to meet our skin’s requirements, so whenever you spot these at the back of your product – know its vitamin E. 

Vitamin E is equally popular in its oil and capsulated forms. 

How does vitamin E benefit your skin?

benefits of vitamin EAnti-ageing properties 

Anti-ageing serums, creams and masks have been milking this ingredient because of the high amount of antioxidant properties that it contains. It also boosts blood circulation, which helps in keeping skin firm and delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Excellent hydrator 

If you have dry skin, then vitamin E is a literal treasure. It allows for long-lasting hydration by retaining moisture between skin cells. Compared to other ingredients, vitamin E can offer up to 16 hours of hydration. That is A LOT. 

Fades hyperpigmentation 

Whether it is acne spots, scars, or age spots, vitamin E can handle it all. It can regulate the production of melanin (colour-giving pigment) in the skin to even out the complexion. When paired alongside vitamin C, the duo can handle hyperpigmentation like no other! 

Offers sun protection 

Another reason to combine vitamin E and C is that using it under a sunscreen offers 4x more sun protection than using the sunscreen alone. Since both these ingredients are high in antioxidants, together they serve photo-protective purposes really well. 

Heals and strengthens skin 

Vitamin E can mend the tiny cracks in your skin’s barrier to reverse dryness and keep the moisture from escaping your skin. It also offers accelerated healing against wounds, skin irritation and sunburnt skin by as much as 50%. 

Does it suit all skin types? 

Vices and virtues are pretty much inevitable. While vitamin E is suitable for most skin types, it can trigger some others. It can be too much for people with sensitive skin as it might cause skin irritation, rashes, and itching. Vitamin E is also in-famous for its pore-clogging ‘abilities’ which can wreak havoc for people who have super oily or acne-prone skin. But, it is not as black and white as you think. 

One might contract all these side-effects when using vitamin E directly onto skin in an oil or capsule form. Since these are in a much more concentrated form, not all skin types can take it. 

So, if you have sensitive, acne-prone or oily skin and you want to try a bangin’ new vitamin E serum or cream, then go ahead. The concentration of vitamin E in these products is marginally low, and your skin won’t feel challenged. 

How to use vitamin E capsules for skin?

If you have a scar or a troublesome area that you want to target, you can pinch open a vitamin E capsule or use vitamin E oil on that particular area. In this case, it offers targeted action without meddling with your entire face. But remember, less is more. You need very little quantity when using vitamin E in its direct form. 

The other option is to combine either of them with your daily moisturizer, body lotion, hand cream and lip balm. This way you’re not overwhelming your skin as well as reaping the benefits of this amazing ingredient. 

We always recommend doing a patch test first. 

Out bestsellers packed with the goodness of vitamin E 

Mesmerice Intense Repair Serum

Quench Mesmerice Intense Repair SerumA milky white face serum that boosts hydration, brightens and promotes even skin tone. Infused with vitamin E, rice water, niacinamide and grape seed oil, it heals and soothes breakouts, protects skin barrier and improves skin’s elasticity. 

Mesmerice Gentle Exfoliation Cream Face Wash

Quench Mesmerice Gentle Exfoliation Cream Face WashAn exfoliating cream based face wash that deep cleanses, unclogs pores and removes all impurities without making your skin dry. It is packed with the nourishing goodness of rice water, aloe vera, olive extracts and vitamin E to soothe, hydrate and soften skin. 

Mon Cherry Overnight Peeling Mask 

Quench Mon Cherry Overnight Peeling MaskA unique skin brightening and exfoliating leave-on overnight mask that gives you softer, smoother skin in morning. It is super-charged with soothing ingredients like licorice root extracts, glycerin and vitamin E that revive dull skin and lighten blemishes. 

Bravocado Brightening Under Eye Hydrogel Mask

Quench Bravocado Brightening Under Eye Hydrogel MaskThese are essence soaked gentle hydrogel patches to instantly brighten and depuff the under-eye area. They are enhanced with hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and Irish moss that aid in plumping the under-eye area and tackle dryness, fine lines and fatigue.

Mesmerice Nourishing Hand Cream

Quench Mesmerice Nourishing Hand CreamIndulge in this ultra-moisturizing hand cream to soften, nourish and soothe dry and chapped hands. Infused with antioxidant-rich vitamin E and olive oil, this non-sticky and lightweight hand cream keeps hands beautifully soft.

Trust in the replenishing power of vitamin E to bring your skin back to life! 

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