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How To Get Glass-Like Glowing Skin In Just 5 Steps!

If you’ve done your fair share of scrolling on IG, looked closely at glowing goddesses, and wondered – how? Then this article answers that question. Glass-skin is the most-sought-after skincare benchmark, which might look seemingly tough to achieve, but hey, we’ve got tricks no one will tell you about. So look beyond your highlighter pan, because we’re determined to give you those reflective cheekbones that you’ve always dreamed of. 

What is glass skin?

A popular K-beauty trend that went viral on social media in no time, glass skin is when the complexion is so healthy and luminous that it looks glass smooth. It’s a skin that is drenched in hydrating and glow-boosting ingredients. But it’s not going to be a long list, all you need are these 5 products that do the job right, and take you closer towards glass-skin skin with every use!

5 easy steps to achieve glass-like skin 

Step 1: Cleanse Right 

If a diamond has to shine, it needs to have the absolute lowest amount of impurities in it. Same for your skin, sis. Double cleansing is a PM skincare ritual that helps you get rid of the day’s dirt and grime, and keep your skin squeaky clean. Even if you don’t wear any makeup, double cleansing will take care of the sunscreen residue, and the gunk that sticks to the skin. Our Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm is enriched with salicylic acid, cherry blossom and grapefruit that not only purify skin, but also gently exfoliate and hydrate skin. 

Quench Mon Cherry Dirt Dissolving Cleansing Balm and Quench Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face WashPost that, use a foaming face wash that takes off the cleansing balm residue and/or any trace of makeup or dirt that has managed to stay behind. The Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash deeply nourishes, plumps up  the skin, and adds a visible glow! 

Step 2: Terrific Toner 

Without wiping your face dry, tap our Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Brightening Toner on your face, and watch it glow! It contains yuzu, watermelon and blueberry that promise happy and glowing skin. For that ultimate hydration,  layer the toner 5-7 times, with 2-3 drops at a time (the more water your skin has, the more it glows!). And don’t you worry about heaviness, because our toners are ultra light-weight, and quick absorbing. You’ll already see light reflecting your face post this step! 

Quench Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Brightening TonerStep 3: The Essential Essence 

Without wiping your face dry (the more water your skin has, the more it glows!) slather our Mon Cherry Intense Brightening Essence all over your damp face. Essence is a *really* crucial step for attaining glass-skin. This is because an essence, due to its water-like consistency, can seep deeper into the skin to tackle dullness, dryness, and boost skin’s luminosity from within. This one specifically is a must-have because of ingredients like cherry blossom, licorice root, and grapefruit that act as brightening and hydrating agents. 

Quench Mon Cherry Intense Brightening EssenceStep 4: Slather On The Serum 

Hydration on hydration = glass skin. Post pampering your skin with our essence, it’s time to get down to serious hydration. Our Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying Serum is backed with birch juice, hyaluronic acid, and sea buckthorn that form the holy trio of hydration. It also contains niacinamide, and nano biodegradable beads that unclogs pores, and clears skin for a smoother and blemish-free texture. A few drops and you’ll notice that your skin looks visibly dewier! 

Birch Please Skin Soothing Clarifying SerumStep 5: Hydrate Some More 

If at this point you’ve started thinking that it’s too much hydration, then let us tell you – not really. The goal is to make you look like a glazed donut, and for that, the final step is to surrender to the hydration Gods, or our Bravocado Ultra Light Nourishing Face & Body Cream. It has the goodness of avocado, apricot oil, pomegranate and rice water that will land you irresistibly soft and hydrated skin.

Bravocado Ultra Light Nourishing Face & Body CreamThere you have it – a handbook to achieving glass-like skin in the quickest way possible. Along with these 5 steps, keep in mind that light-weight sunscreen is a must and a weekly/bi-weekly exfoliation non-negotiable for glassy skin! .

Go, grab these glow-givers today, and get a head-start on your journey to glass skin!

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