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Everything You Need To Know About Your Skin Microbiome

There’s a new skincare buzzword and everyone is already talking about it. Did you guess ‘microbiome’? If yes, then pat yourself! We get that it sounds like a word straight out of a biology textbook and yes it has something to do with science. 

What is a microbiome? 

Microbiome works to guard your skin against pathogens that could affect our skin and overall health. When your microbiome is balanced, automatically your skin looks and feels healthy. Our skin microbiome is developed right after we are born and when our skin comes in direct contact with the outside world. Bacteria such as corynebacteria, staphylococcal, and cutibacteria help to create an immune system and prepare the skin to fight against all the odds. 

And to understand deeper—a collection of microorganisms living in a particular part of your body, microbiomes include bacteria, fungi, and viruses that are tasked with keeping the skin healthy. If our skin’s pH level is a little acidic, a balanced microbiome will protect against all environmental damages. Known to be unique for every skin, the microbiome is like a fingerprint that needs to be understood to customize beauty and skincare needs to fit in. 

Our composition of microbiomes changes as we start to age, especially between the age groups of 25 to 35. Skin ageing is characterized by a decrease in hydration, sebum levels and even immune dysfunction that results in significant alterations in the microbiome. Health issues such as diabetes and irregular bowel syndrome also lead to changes.

Ways to maintain a healthy microbiome

The microbiome plays a vital role in our skin health as when compromised it can lead to redness, breakouts, overproduction of sebum and itchiness. It’s a layer on the skin that protects you from harmful environmental damage. 

Have a healthy diet

healthy food

While the skin and gut microbiome are different, they are still interconnected. One should invest in food items that contain prebiotics and probiotic-rich foods like onions, oats, and yoghurt. They are proven to treat multiple skin diseases like dermatitis and eczema and can even prevent future breakouts. 

Avoid chemical and harsh face cleansers

A lot of brands use surfactants that remove the key defensive components of the protective skin barrier. And when it gets compromised one can’t protect it from outside aggressors such as pollutants, sun damage and more. One should switch to surfactant-free products that don't disrupt the skin barrier. 

Befriend your SPF

The skin microbiome helps to protect your skin from outside aggressors. How about safeguarding it with the help of an SPF? Apply our Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel every day even if you’re not stepping outside as it helps to combat skin-stress that rapidly leads to ageing.

Quench Bravocado SPF 50+ PA++++ Sunscreen Gel

Keep your stress level in check 

Like any other body part, stress negatively affects your skin and leads to ageing. The best way to reduce stress is by working on yourself, and practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation and yoga.  

Why is skin microbiome essential? 

The microbiome works as the protective layer, as it fights against multiple pollutants and harmful bacteria. Below are a few factors that’ll help you understand them better. 

Boosts immune system 

The microbiome in skin helps the body in building your immune system as you age. It becomes a warning alarm for your immune system, so when our body comes in contact with any bacteria or virus, the microbiome communicates with our immune system and fights against harmful diseases. 

Treats skin inflammation 

When there’s skin inflammation, our skin microbiome sends an intimation to our immune system to heal it from within. It releases antimicrobial peptides which then take control of the inflammation. 

The microbiome is the protector of the skin and is extremely delicate and requires loads of nurturing. And to ensure that the microbiome isn’t compromised—maintain a healthy diet, avoid all kinds of unhealthy lifestyle habits and take good maintenance of your skin while using nourishing products. 

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