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Clay Mask Or Sheet Mask – Which One Is Good For Your Skin?

Nothing like a relaxing Sunday to self-care that involves pampering your skin with a face mask, right? After all, our skin goes through ample amounts of pollution, dirt, makeup and harmful UV rays throughout the week and our skin craves a dose of skin hydration and detox. Our very first step to having a flawless skin complexion starts with taking care of your skin rather than investing in makeup products. 

And thanks to ever-improving inventions in the beauty world (aka K-beauty), yes we know while you are reading this you haven’t even done your basic CTM routine. Wait until you turn 27 and your skin starts showing up and you’ll regret all those you were lazing around watching FRIENDS skipping your skincare regime. And nothing says treat yourself quite like a face mask! The only challenge one faces is which one is best for their skin type and concerns. If you are someone who needs instant hydration and moisturization– Sheet Mask is what your skin needs. Meanwhile, if you need a skin detox like getting rid of dark spots, pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and acne then a clay mask is what you should look for. 

Types of face masks

Well, okay there are ample face masks available that cater to skin concerns, so you don’t have an excuse as we bring you a list of clay masks and sheet masks to help you find that perfect one to add to your skincare routine. Read on, peeps! 

What Is A Clay Mask and How Does it Benefit Your Skin?

Benefits of clay mask for skin

Loaded with benefits, clay masks solve skin concerns like dullness, excessive oiliness, suntan, pigmentation and uneven skin tone. Specially designed for oily or acne-prone skin, clay masks also help in purifying and minimising your pores. You must be thinking why are we raving about it? Clay masks have a unique ability to gently draw out impurities from the congested pores leaving your skin shine-free. It works as a great substitute for your elaborate facials and does wonders for dull and congested skin.

Some of the best benefits of using a clay mask are:

  • They deep exfoliate, clean up pores and help in removing all dead skin and impurities from your skin
  • Control excessive oil by regulating sebum production and leave skin balanced and clear
  • Lays out additional benefits such as brightening skin, tan removal, refining pores and making skin smoother and radiant looking

You can pick them when you need a weekly deep cleansing, tan removal, exfoliation or want to achieve an even skin tone. Yes, they work great for nourishing your skin for a long period as they typically work on removing the impurities. New age clay masks come enriched with nourishing ingredients that help your skin to get clear, smooth, soft, supple and hydrating. On the other hand, our traditional clay masks are clumsy to use & doesn't provide that instant effect and healthy glow. 

Our Bestselling Clay Masks That Are Worth Trying!

1. Bravocado Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

Quench Bravocado Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

This instant skin-detox face mask combines dual action of clays – kaolin and bentonite, which draw out impurities, control breakouts and leave skin blemish-free. It is also powered using avocado and pomegranate, this minty clay mask restores elasticity, softens and deeply nourishes your skin. Wait up, this super beneficial clay mask contains a Korean skincare hero ingredient– Rice Water that soothes, tones and leaves your skin glowing and smooth. Bravocado Deep Cleansing Clay Mask is perfect when your skin calls out for some TLC! 

Suitable For: Oily, combination and acne-prone skin

2. Mon Cherry Brightening Pink Clay Mask

Quench Mon Cherry Brightening Pink Clay Mask

A luxurious blend of kaolin and bentonite clay, this nourishing face mask is ideal for purifying your skin, removing excess impurities, unclogging your pores and leaving your skin rejuvenated. The enriched soothing ingredients such as cherry blossom, grapefruit and pearl extracts keep your skin youthful and even-toned. The pink clay texture is deeply comforting as it doesn't pull even as the mask dries up. It’s time you say hello to bright and glowing skin with this pore-refining pink textured clay mask! 

Suitable For: All skin types, especially dry skin

What is a Sheet Mask and How Does it Benefit Your Skin

Does your skin often feel dry, dull or dehydrated? Sheet masks are your BAE as they are easy to use and efficient. A sheet mask is a pre-cut, thin mask that is soaked in saturated ingredients and serum. They offer multiple benefits such as delivering key antioxidants and vitamins to your skin while keeping it all healthy and hydrated. A sheet mask is fun to use and perfect for instant hydration but doesn’t provide many benefits than your regular mask. Designed for all skin types, a sheet mask is coated with special serums that are well enriched with ingredients. Well, the Quench sheet mask is a cherry on the top as it opens up your pores and hydrates your skin in just a few minutes! 

Why you’ll love it! 

  • Replenishes moisture that our skin loses, due to which it can become dull and itchy
  • Boosts moisture glow
  • Super easy to use and can be used anywhere, anytime
  • Tackle multiple skin concerns like dullness, pores, dryness and spots

And of all the Korean skincare and beauty trends, sheet masks are my absolute favourite! Sheet masks are the soul of Korean skincare and the key to dewy soft skin is using a sheet mask daily in your night care routine to see great results. A sheet mask allows your skin to fully absorb the moisture and nutrients and gives a moisture boost. Additionally, sheet masks are a meditative and relaxation process! You find ample sheet masks in the market – microfiber, hydrogel, rayon and more. STOP, let us help you to make you understand it better before you add it to the cart. 

  • Cotton/Microfiber/Tencel: This sheet mask feels really soft on skin. The material is eco-friendly as it is biodegradable and doesn’t contain any harmful ingredients. It’s one of the affordable sheet masks that comes packed with botanical ingredients and vitamins.
  • Hydrogel Sheet Mask: They come in a sleeker material as they’re made with 100% skin-benefitting ingredients. It’s not your regular cotton sheet mask dipped in a serum. They not only cool your skin but also lock in more moisture than the regular sheet mask.
  • Bio-cellulose: Bio-cellulose sheet mask are known to absorb nutrients quickly and hold large amounts of moisture.

Some of Our Bestselling Sheet Mask that Are Worth Trying

1. Mon Cherry Sheet Mask For Bright and Clear Skin

Quench Mon Cherry Sheet Mask For Bright and Clear Skin

Say goodbye to deflated skin woes the Korean way! Give your skin a hydration boost and improve skin elasticity with this skin brightening sheet mask infused with the goodness of grapefruit, pearl and cherry blossom. Enriched with vitamin E, olive oil and babassu seed oil, this refreshing sheet mask delivers moisture to your skin in literally 15 minutes. It combats dryness plus lightens your dark spots offering your skin a refreshed look! 

Suitable For: All skin types 

P.S. Quench sheet masks are made with 100% biodegradable derma gauze fabric

 2. Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask for Oil Control and Clear Skin

Quench Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask for Oil Control and Clear Skin

Do you want to wake up with better and glowing skin than when you hit the bed, this is the mask for you. Going to slip in a truth bomb and admit that the Mama Cica Mud Dipping Sheet Mask is truly a mess-free Kaolin clay sheet mask that deep cleanses, clarify, hydrates and brightens up your skin. Shh, it’s a unique mud mask combined with the convenience of sheet masks and the goodness of clay. Enriched with glycerine, cica, lotus root and Korean ginseng extracts, it controls excess oil, tightens your pores and delivers improved skin texture and a long-lasting glow. Did you just add it to your cart, because we did too? 

Suitable For: For all skin types but best for oily, acne-prone and combination skin

BONUS: Bubble Sheet Mask

Bubble sheet mask comes loaded with foaming ingredients and perfluorocarbons. It helps to remove all the grime, dust, oil and makeup residue from your face and keeps your skin hydration in check.  Also, they help to cleanse and exfoliate skin, while it removes dead skin cells and prevents blackheads formation. Honestly, it blesses your skin with that hydrating glow! 

It’s time you wake yourself and your skin with some green tea freshness! Matcha Better Bubble Sheet Mask by Quench is an absolute skin detox that bubbles up as soon as it comes in contact with your skin. Removing all impurities, this sheet mask reveals a squeaky clean, fresh and hydrated complexion.

Benefits of bubble sheet mask

BONUS: Try our super effective oil-control exfoliating mask!

Quench Mama Cica Oil Fix Exfoliating Gel Mask

Exfoliation is indeed a significant part of our skincare routine. It is advised to exfoliate your skin at least once or twice a week so that your skin gets rid of dead skin cells that cause acne and clog the pores. And this is where exfoliation plays its role to ease down your skincare routine! 

What if we give you the benefits of a scrub in a mask? Well we have a skin hybrid perfect for oily, blotchy and dull skin. Mama Cica Oil Fix Exfoliating Gel Mask is a mild exfoliating gel mask packed with skin-loving ingredients such as Korean ginseng, cica, lotus root, and rosemary leaf oil. This skin-clarifying formula gently exfoliates, unclogs pores and protects skin from the effects of environmental damage. Your skin deserves some extra care! 

Suitable For: All skin types but best for oily, combination, and acne-prone skin

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