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6 Face Washes That Are God-Sent For Oily Skin

Face washes play a vital role in skincare – they are the first skincare product a person picks and relies on, especially when the skin is oily, and the sebaceous glands are working overtime. A shiny forehead, clogged pores, breakouts here and there, oof! These are extracurriculars to every person with oily skin out there. But, we heard you! Your perpetual hunt for the best face wash for oily skin ends with our list below. Special Korean ingredients, unique textures, and oil-zapping formulations - it’s everything you can ask for and even more! 

What to look for in a face wash for oily skin

  • Avoid face washes that have a very thick consistency. It might overly-moisturize oily skin, and greasy skin does not need more grease. 
  • Pick face washes that are free from strong and synthetic fragrances, alcohol and sulfates. These can irritate the skin, and make them dry. 
  • Pick pore refining, mildly exfoliating as well as skin-soothing ingredients. You do not want to put your skin under attack, all you need is a solid formulation that works for your oily skin. 

Ready to pick a face wash for oily skin? Read on!

1. Chialeader Shine Control Gel Face Wash 

If you think you cannot step out of the house without blotting paper or if your makeup requires a touch up ever so frequently because of excess oil, then look no further. Our Chialeader Shine Control Gel Face Wash is enriched with the best of detoxifying and shine-controlling ingredients that hold the door for excess serum, and balance oil without making your skin dry. 

Quench Chialeader Shine Control Gel Face WashIngredient List 

  • Chia Seeds – soothes and hydrates skin 
  • Cactus Water – tightens pores and hydrates skin
  • Bamboo – purifies and detoxifies skin
  • Salicylic acid – exfoliates and refines pores 
  • Tea tree leaf – calms and purifies skin 

With the perfect blend of purifying, hydrating and pore-refining properties, this face wash should be #1 in your shopping bucket list. It’s a gel-based, refreshing formula that comes with a soft built-in brush that targets dead skin cells, minimizes pores, and combats acne. 

2. Bravocado Pollution Rescue Cream Face Wash 

Oily skin is a magnet for dirt, dust and grime. These are easily 5X more if you live in an urban jungle, where the air is choked with pollution and suffocating your skin. The repercussions can extend to dullness or tired looking skin, as well as congested skin. But not with our Bravocado Pollution Rescue Cream Face Wash, which in its true sense, runs a bulldozer over the skin problems. This skin requires thorough and deep cleanse, but also something that restores the lost glow, all of which is made possible with this blend of amazing Korean ingredients. 

Quench Bravocado Pollution Rescue Cream Face WashIngredient List 

  • Avocado – protects skin from environmental aggressors 
  • Pomegranate – boosts skin radiance
  • Rice water – purifies, tones, and smoothens skin
  • Moringa seed – prevents pollution particles from adhering to skin
  • Gluconolactone – gently exfoliates and brightens skin 

Use it twice a day without fail, and melt away every bit of gunk that has been nestling on your face rent-free! 

3. Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash 

Place your bets on this foaming wonder, because you can easily crown this the best face wash for oily skin in India. If you live in a place that is mostly humid and stuffy, then you and your skin are going to love this. The Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face Wash is a 3-in-1 face wash that deep cleanses, gently exfoliates as well as hydrates to give your skin a mini-spa in just one step! It is infused with the goodness of a variety of fruits and skin-loving actives that not only reduce oiliness, but also give your skin a healthy glow. 

Quench Yuzu Fine Vitamin C Foaming Face WashIngredient List  

  • Yuzu – 3X more vitamin C than lemon, which protects and brightens skin
  • Watermelon – lightens dark spots, minimizes pores, deeply moisturizes
  • Blueberry – rebalances pH levels and nourishes skin
  • Strawberry – brightens and gently exfoliates
  • Roselle – unclogs pores, fades dark spots, and hydrates 

Why choose between reducing oiliness and getting glowing skin, when you can choose both? Infused with the goodness of super-fruit yuzu, this legend here is not just an oily skin face wash, but a glow-getting regime as well! 

4. Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser 

What’s better than a face wash? It’s a face wash that also removes makeup and impurities, hydrates, exfoliates, minimizes fine lines, and gives a brighter complexion. Don’t be perplexed, because our Mon Cherry Brightening Foam Cleanser can actually do it all. It is a 2-in-1 oil-based cleanser that takes tough action on oily skin and leaves it bouncy soft after every wash. If it’s normal for your skin to look dull and oily by the end of the day, then it’s time to shake things up with this face-actioned foaming face wash. 

Quench Mon Cherry Brightening Foam CleanserIngredient List 

  • Cherry Blossom – revives dullness and adds a refreshing glow 
  • Grapefruit – gently exfoliates and prevents breakouts
  • Pearl extracts – promote cellular repair and brighten skin
  • Babassu seed oil – improves skin texture and deeply moisturizes
  • Citric acid – purifies pores, exfoliates and adds glow 

Having an overall healthy skin > simply reducing oiliness. This genius cleanser is your answer to dull and lack-luster skin caused due to excessive oily skin. Let your skin shine, but this time, without the oiliness! 

5. Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash 

The one very obvious result of oily skin? Acne. Those party-poopers that show up uninvited with no sign of leaving, our Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face Wash sure knows how to slam the door shut on their faces! It’s like a vacuum cleaner, but for your face. It targets the breeding ground of acne – pores – and cleanses them deeply and thoroughly to rid you of impurities, excess sebum, and acne causing bacteria. 

Quench Mama Cica Pore Clearing Exfoliating Face WashIngredient List 

  • Cica – strengthens skin barrier and prevents acne 
  • Korean Ginseng – protects from radical damage and brightens skin
  • Lotus root – clarifies skin and reduces acne
  • Volcanic ash – exfoliates and draws out impurities
  • Adlay seeds – deep cleanse, hydrates and tones skin  

6. Matcha Better Skin Detox Gel Face Wash 

Do you always have a bumpy forehead or nose? Want a life-time of freedom from painful blackhead and whitehead extractions? Then you must try our Matcha Better Skin Detox Gel Face Wash! It’s a complete skin detoxifying and purifying experience packed in a tube for you. Just giving your face a good massage with this gel face wash is going to drastically reduce congestion and uneven texture on your face. 

Quench Matcha Better Skin Detox Gel Face WashIngredient List 

  • Matcha green tea – detoxifies and gives skin a healthy glow 
  • Bakuchiol – evens out skin tone and improves firmness
  • Chamomile – deeply moisturizes and protects skin
  • Mandarin orange peel oil – combats breakouts and brightens skin
  • Rose geranium oil – boosts skin health and calms irritated skin 

These ingredients not only unclog your pores, but also prevents them from future blackheads and whiteheads from forming again. Cleanse your skin from within every day, and keep those bumpy textures at bay! 

There you go! No more skin-stripping face cleansers, opt for gentle yet effective formulations with Quench! 

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