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6 Easy Skincare Tips To Follow For Glowing Skin

Every time beauty editors are asked to write about glowing skin, we look upto the gold standard – Korean women. And after years of keeping tabs on their skincare routines, it’s safe to say that the secret to glowing skin lies in simple tweaks that you can easily incorporate. Keep scrolling to uncover them! 

Don’t pop, patch it!

One genius way to get rid of acne quickly is to put on a pimple patch. This does two things – speeds up the drying and healing process as well as helps you resist the urge to pop it. These patches contain acne-fighting actives and ingredients that reduce inflammation overnight. 

Our Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment Patches includes 24 patches in two different sizes that should be left on overnight, so that you can wake up to healthier skin. These adhesive patches contain salicylic and glycolic acid that gently exfoliate, unclog pores, and speed up the healing process. Plus, it contains soothing ingredients like cica, Korean ginseng, and lotus root that calm and soothe inflammation and any redness. 

Quench Mama Cica Zit Away Treatment PatchesMassage it right 

On days when your skin is feeling a bit blah, a facial massage can turn things around in just 2 minutes! Grab your facial oil or serum and use your fingertips to nicely massage the product into the skin. Doing this gets the blood circulation going and gives you a naturally flushed and contoured look. Yay! 

Bedtime facial 

No, we’re not talking about an actual facial, but a facial packed in a tub, aka a sleeping mask. While you get some Zzzz, this product can single-handedly pull out your skin from the abyss of dullness and give you softer, refreshed and glowing skin in the AM. On days when you’re feeling lazy, skipping the routine and sticking to this one product will still reap you benefits. Take your pick from our range of skin-loving sleeping masks. 

Quench sleeping masks

Skinny dipping, but for your face 

Dunking your face in a bowl full of ice water might sound like an extreme sport, but wait till you hear the benefits. Doing this every morning will rush fresh blood cells to your face, which helps to de-puff, shrink pores, and is key to glowing skin. Simply hold your face in ice water for 8-10 seconds and do this for a minute. Alternatively, you can also wrap an ice cube in a clean cloth and gently press it against your skin. Either way, your skin will love this icy-cool shocker. 

Not all chemicals are bad 

Using an abrasive physical exfoliator is so passé. Give your skin the gift of chemical exfoliators. They go beyond just the surface of the skin to exfoliate, deep cleanse and even target specific problems like acne, dullness, and congested pores. Use it once a week on a cleansed face, and just watch the difference it makes to your skin! Below are a few Quench skin exfoliators you must indulge in. 

Quench exfoliators

Tap, don’t rub 

How you apply your skincare is as important as what you apply. Rubbing them causes unnecessary friction and does not allow your skin to really drink up all the goodness from the products. It’s best to take some products on your fingers and dab them all over your face until it is completely absorbed. This might take a little more time, but it’s totally worth it.

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